Is Business Sexist? Er…no

On the treatment of women, in terms of pay and other matters, I think women today should understand the pay gap isn’t motivated by ‘sexism’ and should shut up.

I recommend to anyone interested the collected letters of Valeria Belletti.

These are published in the book ‘Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary: Her Private Letters from inside the Studios of the 1920s’ (Yes, I know, the title’s awful.) This fine lady got herself a job as Sam Goldwyn’s secretary, and sent many letters back East to her friend Irma. Continue reading


What Would You Have Done, Genius?

Family Guy fans might recognise the little girl in white in the centre, presumably with her mother, the focus of a rather moving sequence (no, – really, they do happen in Family Guy). Google the clip – it’s worth it.

The following is a blog I wrote some years ago and posted on My Telegraph. In retrospect I found parts of it embarrassingly naive, but here it is, warts and all. I still think there is enough truth in it to justify any flack I might receive. Continue reading