You Choke Behind A Smile

This morning Quentin Letts suggested that Tim Farron had ‘sold his soul’ over the question of his views on homsexuality.

He doesn’t have one to sell.

The story is a little old now, but it oughtn’t to be, for Tim Farron has some questions to answer; alas nobody would let the likes of me ask them.

Apparently, Mr Farron has ‘clarified’ his views according to Christopher Hope:

‘Tim Farron has finally clarified his view on gay sex after admitted that it had come a distracting “issue” for his general election campaign. The Liberal Democrat leader said in a BBC interview that gay sex is not a sin, after five days of pressure to clarify his stance on the issue. Mr Farron had faced criticism for days for failing to answer questions about his position on homosexuality. Mr Farron refused to say four times in an interview with Channel 4 News last week whether he believed being gay was a sin.’

The most interesting story is missed.

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The Royal Streaker

The Royal Streaker

The court was shocked and much dismayed
To see their leader’s paunch displayed.
The day was cool, autumnal chilly,
They thought he looked a trifle silly.

The weavers spun a lovely robe,
Its fame had spread throughout the globe.
For peasants, and the daft to boot,
Just couldn’t see the magic suit.

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