Heartily Sick

There will be plenty mentioned about the mass murder in Manchester yet another Islamist lunatic licenced himself to carry out. I’ll leave it to others to state, yet again, that ideas such as Jihad and martydom usually lead to mass murder and that believing after they are dead they will continue to be alive is the reason these twisted people kill themselves.

What I’m heartily sick of is the utter banality of the responses from our political ‘leaders’. I don’t need them to ‘explain’ the causes of the Manchester outrage (or any of the other outrages). I know well enough what the cause is. But what is going on in head of a person who is happy to state the attack is ‘cowardly’?

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The Old Razzle Dazzle

In reaction to the result of the 1975 EC referendum, Mr Enoch Powell described the ‘yes’ victory as a ‘provisional result’ which would require ‘the continuing assent of parliament’. He said of those who had voted in favour: ‘the people do not mean it,’ ‘they are mistaken,’ and ‘they have still not been able to credit the implications of being in the Common Market.’  Those who try to dismiss the result of the ‘brexit’ referendum – by saying the same things of those who voted ‘leave’ – should feel a strong sympathy with Mr Enoch Powell. This might be a sympathy they were unaware of. It might take a disaster such as an earthquake to draw from a person their heroic qualities; of course, not everyone has a hero hiding under the surface. The person who told me about Enoch Powell’s comments said

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