Professor Hawking – a Pagan God

Professor Hawking, a brilliant scientist, has accused the government of cherry-picking studies which support its view that there should be more medical cover in hospitals at weekends. He has also asserted that the Conservatives are proposing radically to change the funding of the NHS, to move from taxpayer funding to insurance funding. The Secretary of State for Health disagrees. Social media commenters have decided the professor is right and Mr Hunt is wrong.

Why does every contributor to the Twitter, Face Book etc. think Hawking is right and Hunt is wrong? The answer seems to be, and I have read hundreds of posts on this subject, that Hawking is brilliant and Hunt (despite his first class degree) is not. I have yet to see any other argument advanced. It goes further than that. Hawking is held out as being a sort of pagan god. He is constantly described as being a “national treasure”. To suggest he is capable of being wrong about anything at all is to be guilty of a sort of modern blasphemy. Continue reading


And now for Something Completely Different

I saw this thoroughly bizarre article on the Telegraph’s website yesterday. I assumed it would stay there, in some obscurity, and be given no wider circulation. Then, this morning, as I turned the pages of the actual Daily Telegraph over the breakfast table, I found, to my amazement, that the article was there, and with a whole page all to itself.

In case you can’t be bothered to read the article, I will paraphrase it for you. The author explains that, on the death of the Duke of Beaufort, his title has passed to his son and the title of Duchess has been given to the son’s estranged (but not divorced) wife. This despite the fact that the new Duke has a girlfriend who has no aristocratic title at all. Eleanor Steafel, the journalist who wrote the piece, had assumed that, in those circumstances, the wife would have to give way to the girlfriend so that the latter became a duchess. “Peerage law,” she confidently assures us, “has not caught up with the realities of modern life.”  But, having exposed this appalling scandal, Ms Steafel comes up with a partial solution. The girlfriend, she says, can be accorded the title “Chatelaine of Badminton”. Continue reading

Bring Back the Plain English Campaign


Connecting business leaders driving digital transformation

The [missing word] Digital Enterprise Network is a free community connecting and supporting C-suite and line-of-business professionals driving digital transformation.

I quote from a full page advertisement in this week’s Spectator. One could imagine a witty third leader in the Daily Telegraph ridiculing this appalling use of language. But, wait a moment, what was the missing word? You have probably guessed. It was Telegraph. Continue reading

Psychology 101

One hears of the self hating Jew sometimes, this seems to carry over to the “mixed race” community, with psychiatric issues over their place in society and their feelings of lack of self worth. Indeed, some create elaborate personas, lie about being related to famous figures, (Admirals, Lords, Judges) and are ashamed of being a melange of poor white trash from, say, Suffolk or Devon and some passing Jamaican.

It would be great if some noted TV company would do a documentary on this, focusing on one particular case, perhaps?


Not a Surprise that the National Trust is Old-Fashioned

I confess, accustomed though I thought I had become to our wonderful new world, that I was a little taken aback to read that the National Trust had instructed all its volunteer guides at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk to wear badges indicating their support for the Gay Pride movement. That bizarre decision followed swiftly on the news that the Trust had made a film about the late Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, who gave the Hall to the Trust, “outing” him as a homosexual. The film caused widespread consternation amongst those who knew Mr Ketton-Cremer, a man who apparently was “intensely private” and who would never have dreamt of discussing his sexuality. I have no idea who is responsible for the National Trust’s PR in Norfolk, but whoever it is can be congratulated on successfully bringing Felbrigg Hall to national attention. Continue reading

A Comedy of Manners

Tatler has announced to the world that it is now permissible for the upper-middle and upper classes to use the word “toilet” to mean water closet and to say “Pardon?” rather than “What?” when asking for something to be repeated. But I wonder whether Tatler is, these days, really considered, by what one might call the genuine upper classes, to be the arbiter of these desperately serious matters. Continue reading

Those who Disagree with me are Evil or Insane

The libtards are at it again.

Tory scum are to blame.

Remoaners are pathetic.

All Tories are fascists.

Liblabcon got us into this mess.

Thatcher was a Nazi.

Aren’t you fed up with all that meaningless abuse? Perhaps not. The trouble is that an awful lot of my “friends” indulge in it. We all agree that those nasty people who send death threats to decent Great Ormond Street Hospital doctors and nurses are beyond the pale. But do we also agree that the use of foul abuse directed at those who hold different political opinions from us is reprehensible? Continue reading