Local Democracy

There was an email yesterday from Alice (wife of my old friend Rob). “Rob has retired. He wonders whether you would come with him to the election hustings for the West Hill Ward of Wandsworth tonight.” Rob’s retirement is going to be interesting. It certainly won’t be relaxing.

I live in Wandsworth, but not in the West Hill Ward. There was no logical reason why I should go to the Gardens Tennis Club at half past seven last night in order to listen to a lot of candidates standing for the council in a Ward which was not mine. But, if there is one thing you can say for Rob, it is that he always gets his way. I have known him for more than forty years. Never once, in all those years, have I succeeded in turning down any of his requests for my assistance. That is not due to my being a weed (though I probably am). All Rob’s friends, however courageous they may be, give into him. Continue reading


Latisha and Tyrone plus five days to Belmarsh

The “Empire Windrush” generation are now in the news, God knows why, they ought to be back in Jamaica, if not British.

Now to some good news, which our pal Badger will be pleased to hear. This morning, after my quarter marathon, I had some welcome information, concerning a huge upcoming case of police corruption.

Les trois villes – Londres, Port au Prince et Washington.

The smallest and poorest province of the American Imperium (Britain) is now engaged in minor publicity stunts in Syria (hopefully Utley Junior won’t be deployed by the navy). What will the Commonwealth response be? Shall we ask Jamaica’s defence farce to send some limbo dancing Yardies and a calypso band? (Or is that Trinidadian music?)

The Pentagon views the UK as “a worse bet than Cuba under Batista or ‘Nam under Thieu”.  Trump is anxious to disengage before the next and final bout of serious civil unrest hits Blighty. Theresa May could wangle a villa in Florida out of it.

New Balls Please

I want a male tennis player to ‘identify’ as female and demand the right to play on the womens’ tour. I don’t know how long it will be before this happens. It might be some years before this happens. I have no patience for that, so need it to happen tomorrow if possible.

I used to think I wanted to watch a human walk on Mars before I pegged it, but no longer is that the case. If I could see a male tennis player – ranked, say, 500th in the world – demand to play on the womens tour I would die, not only happy, but cackling like the Joker. I might laugh myself to starvation. Continue reading

Tanesha and Wesley

Much is being made of plod “losing control of the streets of London”, did they ever really have control to begin with?

The “epidemic” of crime is pretty much confined to what are now termed BAME (in other words West Indians). It is taking Malthus a bit far but if some Jamaicans want to knife other Jamaicans or Nigerians for daring to enter their slum postcode is it really cause for concern?

Capital punishment for Latisha and Tyrone? Ought we to ask Meghan Markle? Note for diaries, in about two weeks a huge police corruption scandal will blow wide open.

A layman’s view of the state of the law

Scribbled as a comment on Breitbart an hour ago. As so often happens with me, what began as a brief couple of lines, just ‘growed.’ I just though thought the Bulletin was the place to express these opinions.

‘Our country’s institutions are beginning to crumble. The law is a case in point.

‘Firstly, this automatic halving of sentences for good behaviour must be scrapped. Sentences should mean what they say. Offenders marked for deportation must not be released into the general population at the end of their sentences but placed in a holding camp until they are escorted to a plane and remain in custody to their destination.

‘Secondly the public demand meaningful sentences for crimes such as murder, rape and assault. As for lesser crimes, the New York experience shows that ignoring minor infractions leads to an increase in more serious crime. Zero tolerance must mean just that. Bring back respect for the law, all law.

‘Thirdly there must be an end to this dual system of sentencing where immigrants and specifically muslims, plead cultural differences in mitigation. Migrants DO NOT bring their own laws, of lack of, with them.

‘If I had been home secretary back in 2010 when May assumed that position, I would have implemented these proposals in my first six months and then resigned . I would have gone down in political history as the best Home Secretary since Robert Peel. And the cheapest’

Does our Eagerness to Forgive Corbyn’s Past Sins Mean we are Civilised or Uncivilised?

There is a theory that the young are bored stiff by stories of Jeremy Corbyn’s support for terrorists (called “freedom fighters” by his demented supporters). That’s all ancient history, they allegedly say. Look at him now. He is a sweet, rather cuddly old man who wants nothing more than that we should all live in peace and equal poverty. How can it possibly matter that he used to support murderers? Continue reading

A Minor Tour

A Minor Tour through some ‘interpretations’ of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’


‘People can misinterpret almost anything so that it coincides with views they already hold. They take from art what they already believe.’

  • Stanley Kubrick


‘It’s really all going on in his head – Jack’s head.’


  • Martin Scorsese


‘Interpretation’ is a word many use when they mean ‘imagination’. When somebody tells you that the first Friday the 13th is ‘a post-feminist reaction by the misogynist collective mind to the rise of women in the 1970s in the context of latent-homosexual self-loathing’ the qualifier ‘well, that’s my interpretation of it’ won’t be far behind. At least it better not. It’s possible the film in question isn’t a ‘post-feminist’ reaction, but rather the person claiming it is obsessed with feminism and misogyny and latent-homosexuality and therefore sees these things everywhere. Not only that, and I think more importantly, to refer to the movie in terms which are interpretative rather than imaginative allows the person to believe some intellectual process was going on in their heads: that their opinion is the conclusion to some real intellectual effort, not just a load of crap they’ve imagined into existence or the symptom of their underlying preoccupations. This sort of thing happens all the time. We’ve all heard someone say ‘well, that’s my interpretation’. Unless that person is translating a language, and arguing for a specific meaning as compared to another, I think it’s likely the person has just imagined that the movie is ‘about’ whatever they want it to be about. Some critics reveal nothing but their preoccupations. It is on this point that a few warnings about criticism present themselves.

Continue reading

Reforming the NHS – Micro, not Macro

There are a very few political issues about which there is no point in writing. Labour’s antisemitism, for instance, is a subject on which it is obviously pointless to write, if one wants to change minds. Most thoughtful people, Left, Right and Centre, already think it is awful. But the “Jeremy is incapable of doing wrong” gang, to be found particularly on social media, will never change their minds: if their hero thinks revolting pictures of caricatures of Jews playing monopoly on the backs of the naked poor are a good thing, then they obviously are a good thing.

Corbyn's Jews

It is important to understand that, when Corbyn defended that horrid picture, he did not say “I disagree with it, but I defend the artist’s right to free expression”. No, he thought the picture was a jolly good thing. But, to be fair to him, he now says his admiration of the picture was not brought about by having looked at it. And it is probably true that, much as he disapproves of the state of Israel, he doesn’t bear personal animosity to Jews. His problem, of course, is that many of his most ardent supporters do hate Jews. He needs to keep them on side. So he restricts his condemnation of antisemitism in the Labour Party to words, not actions. Almost every decent politician, whatever his or her party, is disturbed by the resulting mess, but Corbyn’s fanatical supporters on social media and in Momentum’s smoke-filled rooms will hear none of it. “Jeremy is incapable of doing or thinking wrong: full stop. Debate is not permitted” Continue reading