I know some of you are unfamiliar with WordPress so please do let me know if you have any problems.

To open a WordPress account click follow this link:

Read More Tag

Before you publish your post, could you please add a “read more” tag if your post is longer than a couple of short paragraphs. This allows more posts to display on the HOME page

“The read more..” tag – you can see on your toolbar below, just to the right of ABC. If you hover over each of the buttons on the toolbar you will see a label with the function.

You have two options when editing and writing posts and the toolbars are different. You need to click on VISUAL to insert the “Read more tag”

Writing a Blog Post

This is a useful guide for writing a blog post, adding links and images and editing :

Link here

I have just reversed the order of the comments so the newest one is now at the bottom of the thread just above the comment box.

If you would like to add subjects to the categories list please let me know, and don’t forget you can also add tags to your posts.

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