Because that is the wish of the power that put you here!

An infamous incident at the political trials (Yassiada trial) and Erdogan’s court verdicts!
1960 coup d’etat’s Chief of Justice Salim Basol’s answer to one of the Democrat Party politicans who asked why they were not getting a fair trial: “BECAUSE THAT IS THE WISH OF THE POWER THAT PUT YOU HERE.” Amongst the those prosecuted one Muammer Cavusoglu who was a politicians, a ministers of the DP, and father of journalist Nazli Ilicak.

nazli ilicak

Today my actual topic is Nazli Ilicak who was imprisoned for 3 three months by the junta after the military coup on 12 September 1980.
After postmodern coup on 28th February, 1997 Nazli Ilicak was stripped of her MP status and banned from political life.
And today, Erdogan court hands down aggravated life sentences to Nazli Ilicak for being putschist, spy and terrorist with six defendants, including prominent journalists Mehmet and Ahmet Altan brothers.
According to Erdogan seculerist Nazli Ilicak is a member of “media wing” of the Bully Islamist bastard Fethullah’s terror organisation.
Nazli Ilicak have done many mistakes during Erdogan & Fetullah attacks on the Turkish Army, but she is not a putschist, spy and terrorist, her worst mistake was to support Islamists, now she knows her mistake!
I’m so sorry for Nazli Ilicak and her children; as Salim Basol’s quotation; the power that is the wish put her there!


Our Greek friends: “The only good Turk is a dead Turk.”

pangolosFormer Greek foreign minister Theodoros Pangalos believes that the only good Turk is a dead Turk..!!
There are tens of thousands Turkish who are Greek citizen and have been living in Greece since 14th century, and they are under political pressure and human rights violations after the Ottomans lost the lands. So called human rights and minority defender the EU has always supported Greece’ pressure upon the Turkish origin Greek citizens and there are millions of Theodoros Pangalos who think the dead Turk is the good Turk.
If the EU and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras say ok, I just can say, this is Greek civilization and the Western civilization is based on it, so Theodoros Pangalos represents their civilizations perfectly.
I love ancient Greek civilization, culture and Turkish Greeks in this respect I have always welcomed the other Greeks warmly, and never think political issues between two countries in my personal view point, but this is unaccetable because this guy is an ex minister and still one of prominet politicans of Greece, not a member of the Greek Nazi Party Golden Dawn, in spite of his political position he is as much as same with a town crier of the Golden Dawn!

School Days

I don’t really understand the argument against grammar schools because I don’t understand what’s wrong with the principle of selection by ability. It’s used pretty much everywhere else, from sport to space-programs. If there was a way I could know how it felt to be opposed to the idea of grammars then I would try it.

Am I right in thinking that selection by ability is the only way to have a ‘two-tier’ system which is fair? A ‘two-tier’ system cannot be avoided because parents don’t care about other parents’ children. It seems to make sense, then, that the state mitigate this natural trait.

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Erdogan has never changed and now once again slams Israel as a ‘terrorist state’ that ‘kills children’!

Then I should ask, a couple of questions to Erdogan:
1- If Israel is a “terrorist state” years ago why you signed a military alliance with Israel?
2- If Israel is a “terrorist state” what about the Saud Arabia and other Arab countries that kills Muslim Arab children in Yemen?
3- If Israel is a terrorist state” why you have sold the Mavi Marmara victims to Israel at a deah monkey price = 20 millon dollars?
4- If Israel is a “terrorist state” why your son’s ship trade with Israel?
5- If Israel is a “terrorist state” as a Muslim why you accept their Eternal Jewish Servant and Courage medals and David Horn?
6- If Israel is a “terrorist state”, why you give them Kurecik Base to protect Israel against Iran?
7- If Israel is a “terrorist state”, at first why you recognised Jerusalem as a capital of Israle on 28 June 2016 when you signed an agreement on the Mavi Marmara affair in Jerusalem?
8- If Israel is a “terrorist state” why you are still co-chairman of the Greater Middle East Project that only works for Israel?
9- If Israel is a “terrorist state” while you spreading hate and hostility amongst people, why you are still the beloved Muslim leader of the Israeli politicans and Jewish think tanks?
10- Who are you in reality, will you show your true face to your disciples who filled up with your hatred to non-Muslism and Turks who love Ataturk?

Let me make it clear to you!

So far except EU I haven’t been in any anti US, NATO, the UK, Israel, Germany, in a word any anti-West campaign and hereafter including the EU I will not be in any anti-West campaign either which organized by Erdogan backed groups within the knowledge of him in order to save himself and his Islamist regime.

The Republic of Turkey is a Western country and will be stayed as a Western country in the Western league, whatever anti-Turkish Western Erdogans, Turkey’s Erdogans, even Erdoğan’s pro-China and Russia leftist supporters in Turkey and abroad think that there is no place for Turkey in the West, no Turkey is in the West, not just since 1923 or 1299, Turkey has been in the West since 1071 when the Turks officially entered into the Anatolian Peninsula.

Gender Jerks, Pronoun Prats and the Reversal of Reason

I had no idea until yesterday the gender pronoun argument was a global phenomenon. I was reading a comment on a blog thread and the person mentioned a piece by Douglas Murray in the The Spectator about an interrogation a young teaching assistant was subjected to by faculty-staff at her university. The young lady recorded the Stasi Staff and sent the content around the world. I had thought it was a minor question, the reserve of attention-seekers.

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There’s Worse than ‘Racist’…

Earlier this month, elsewhere online, I was following and sometimes entering a discussion about poppies. There had been a story or two about why celebrities or politicians were not wearing them, or were wearing them, and someone in one of the lefty papers typed a piece saying that poppies were racist now. Or something like that. I have one or two minor opinions about poppies and Armistice Day itself, so I joined the discussion.

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Is Business Sexist? Er…no

On the treatment of women, in terms of pay and other matters, I think women today should understand the pay gap isn’t motivated by ‘sexism’ and should shut up.

I recommend to anyone interested the collected letters of Valeria Belletti.

These are published in the book ‘Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary: Her Private Letters from inside the Studios of the 1920s’ (Yes, I know, the title’s awful.) This fine lady got herself a job as Sam Goldwyn’s secretary, and sent many letters back East to her friend Irma. Continue reading

A Language Virus

What a man takes for granted, what he offers almost as an aside, is where you’ll find the things he thinks but doesn’t state openly. Then again, perhaps I’m reading too closely?

In his most recent Sunday column, Peter Hitchens writes that:

It is, beyond doubt, the case that our treatment of the mentally ill is a terrible mess. It is also beyond doubt that much mental illness appears to be linked to legal or illegal mind-altering drugs, now far more common than they were 30 years ago. This long predates the era of Islamic terror. One of the first cases was in 1992 when Jonathan Zito was stabbed to death by Christopher Clunis, a total stranger (and longstanding drug-abuser) who was severely mentally ill. This horror, oddly enough, took place at Finsbury Park.

How does a 1992 case of violence pre date ‘the era of Islamic terror’?

What ‘era’ is that?

On August 3 1989 Mustafa Mahmoud Mazeh blew himself up in a hotel in Paddington, becoming the first ‘martyr’ in the plot to murder Salman Rushdie and anyone else involved in the hideous crime of publishing a novel.

In 1983 a truck stuffed with TNT was used by a group – called, oddly enough, ‘Islamic Jihad’ – to murder 241 US Marines in Beirut. Continue reading

Very Tiny Tim

I used to be a red-meat-loving angry and intolerant atheist, whose favourite pastime – when not sucking marrow from the bones of dead babies – was munching on pork scratchings and slurping them down with a cold pint of chicken blood.

Things have changed.

Tim Farron has resigned. This seems to me to be evidence for the existence of God, and an answer – finally! – to the ‘problem of evil’.

Why does God allow evil to exist in the world when he has the power to do something about it? Well, now it seems God has finally taken action to reduce the evil in the world by removing Tim Farron from politics.
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