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Retrospective review: Natives: race and class in the ruins of empire (2019) – by Akala


Virtue! a fig! ‘tis in ourselves that we are thus, or thus..

– Othello

You labelled me – I’ll label you!

So I dub thee “unforgiven”

– Metallica


There is a particular scene in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather where the Don instructs his son, Michael, telling him:

“There are men in this world,” he said, “who go about demanding to be killed. You must have noticed them. They quarrel in gambling games, they jump out of their automobiles in a rage if someone so much as scratches their fender, they humiliate and bully people whose capabilities they do not know…”

The Don continues, explaining to Michael how he made a loyal weapon out of the brutal baby-burner Luca Brasi. An interesting thing about that passage, aside from its obvious truth about the stupidity of many, is that Puzo cannot use the expression ‘road rage’ because – in the early 1970s when the novel came on the scene – the expression hadn’t been invented. However the behaviour which later became known as ‘road rage’ was and is a real phenomenon of human behaviour.

Not all expressions minted to describe human behaviour describe something new. Sometimes the expression is new while the behaviour it describes is old. ‘Binge-drinking’ is an example. ‘Binge-drinking’ means ‘getting drunk’ – a behaviour almost as old as the human race, and is a sub-set of ‘anti-social behaviour’. But if one gives an old problem a new name, then – as if by magic – there is a new ‘problem’ for mouthpieces of ‘authority’ to complain about, while demanding new legal powers from the government of the day. Continue reading

On the Horns of a Dilemma between Fire Brigade and Fire!

♨️🌍 First of all, my stance on Hagia Sophia is not political.

♨️🌍 Byzantine or Orthodox Christianity and Turkish civilizations share in the legacy of Hagia Sophia, a museum is the most just way for all mankind to partake in it as Ataturk realized the whole values in all respects and converted the monument to a museum in 1930s for the sake of the mankind and peaceful World.

♨️🌍 Opening Hagia Sophia both into mosque and politics is to be equalling Hagia Sophia’s 1500-year-old value with the values of self-seeker politicians, and I don’t know what kind of stupidity is this!?

♨️🌍 As an ordinary Turkish citizen, I’m deeply grieved that Hagia Sophia has become a looty in the hands of those politicians whose visions are far behind the times and they never try to catch the era to understand Ataturk’s Hagia Sophia vison.

♨️🌍 Except my stance on Hagia Sophia, I have also political stance.

♨️🌍 The question is, “Where I should stand politically?.” It is also a valid question for Hagia Sophia.

♨️🌍 Let me answer the question with the answer of Winston Churchill: “I decline utterly to be impartial between the fire brigade and the fire.”

♨️🌍 As Winston Churchill’s answer, I completely refuse to be neutral between the fire brigade and the fire.

♨️🌍 I stand with the fire brigade for the future of Hagia Sophia against the self-seeker politicians and radicals who have devastated our life and country in all fields.

♨️🌍 Sad but this is current situation of Hagia Sophia.

♨️🌍 Hagia Sophia can not be temple of political Islamists, it belongs to the whole humanity.

♨️🌍 I will continue to fight instead of surrender in this atmosphere.

Brainwashed by Rock and Crap

A mate messaged my last saying I should watch what was on Channel Four at 9pm. I turned off the snuff porn and went to have a look. It was a programme called The School that tried to end Racism – or something. I switched it off after about ten minutes or so.

Two ‘academics’ put stars under two random chairs and asked the kids to see if they were sat on a starred chair. Those who were got a present of headphones.

Some kids said it would be better for everyone to get a present or no-one. The academics, hiding in another room watching on monitors, smiled, saying (in effect) ‘bless them, they haven’t a clue about the wider world’ – or something like that. I can’t remember because my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. Continue reading

Whatever happened to the Man of Mass Murder?

Retrospective Review:

Joker, (2019) director Todd Phillips

I was in my mid-teens when I realised the Joker character was a murderous maniac. Until then I had only the Batman television series to go on. There were two Batman-comic stories which stood out when I was a mid-teen. The first, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke, is always cited as a ‘classic’ work or a ‘seminal’ work by reviewers. It is certainly a disturbing work. The Joker, wanting to turn Commissioner Gordon mad, calls at the home of Gordon’s daughter, Barbara. As she opens the door she is shot in the stomach: the bullet severs her spine leaving her paralysed. Joker then strips her naked and takes photographs of her. He uses huge blow-ups of these pictures as part of a depraved ‘ghost-train’ ride he forces Gordon to experience. The second story is A Death in the Family: an odd story (Batman and Robin go to Ethiopia) collected as a graphic novel, in which Joker uses a crowbar to convince Robin’s face and skull into a new shape. This was so obviously not ‘kids’ stuff’ that the television series seemed to hardly feature the same characters.

Jack Nicholson’s turn as Joker in Batman pitches the character exactly halfway between Cesare Romero’s television version and Alan Moore’s sadistic lunatic. Tim Burton’s movie contains the kind of ‘dark humour’ that would be used by Quentin Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs (Mr Blonde talking into a severed ear) and Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire (Lestat dancing about with a corpse.) Although we never see Nicholson’s Joker do anything properly sadistic on-screen we do know that he does something unpleasant to Jerry Hall’s face. This is at least a nod to the character’s real personality. Continue reading

Celebrities showing their true identities..

I managed to shake myself awake while reading about the latest ‘celebrity’ to walk bare-foot to the church of Black, flogging theselves for their ‘offensive’ crime of ‘blacking-up’.

The first one I read was Leigh Francis (I think that’s it’s name) who selfie-sobbed into the camera while apologising for playing black celebrities in an apparently amusing way, years ago.

Then came the writers of Little Britain who were next to have episodes removed (or did they selfie-sob as well?) for portraying black characters in an amusing way, years ago.

The pattern is easy to read: once one does it, the next will follow, to avoid accusations of being complicit by their violent silence.

I’m wondering when Lenny Henry wil put himself on Twitter – or anywhere else – and selfie-sob about the ‘offence’ and the ‘hurt’ he caused when he made his one (and I think only) Hollywood movie.

How dare he keep silent about this?

See the source image

Fear and Faith are the ‘New Normal’

In the most high and palmy state of Rome,
A little ere the mightiest Julius fell,
The graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead
Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets.

– Hamlet

(Please note: There is an obvious distinction which many should keep in mind. It is the difference between being fooled and being a fool. One should always be able to discriminate accordingly.)

Sometimes nationwide political issues have the unintended consequence of revealing the state of the public mind. Often, what one sees when the mask as been removed, is less than pleasant.

Consider the ‘brexit’ vote. It would be quite natural to ask why those who, after the result they wanted failed to come in, demanded, immediately after the people had voted, a ‘people’s’ vote.

What was their original ‘remain’ vote in the referendum meant to represent? It certainly wasn’t their belief in the democratic process and principle. Continue reading

The Diabolical Regimes!

The Muslims’ the worst problem is Saudia Arabia and Iran’s diabolical regimes but they prefer to be a side of one of them in favour of their sects and the preference makes them an helot of the regimes then they loss inherent right to life.
The regimes also export their regimes to secular democratic countries under the name of moderate Islamic parties as they succed it here in Turkey with the help of West, but end of the story, the Islamists and their Western friends declare themselves each other’s arch-enemy!saudi-arabia-vs-iran

Douglas Murray: The Strange Death of Europe and The Madness of Crowds



Image result for strange death of europe

Under all the mattresses of Mr Murray’s logic, reason, research and dry wit there is a pea of pessimism lurking. It’s difficult, after reading both works, to have any hope for the future of our culture. One cannot slot-in a new foundation once the house is built. The house is in the way. The house has to fall before a new foundation can be inserted. That’s bad enough in itself. But once our culture has fallen what could the new foundation be?

Continue reading

The “Terrorists and Putschists” without Weapon!

Erdogan’s Court has rejected the requests of 75 – year- old female journalist Nazli Ilicak and Altan brothers retrial until in October.
Nazli Ilicak and the Altans last year were sentenced by Erdogan’s Court aggravated life imprisonment in the “coup” case.
Nazli Ilicak is a centrist, the Altans are leftists and for the sake of democracy their fatal mistakes were they took side on Islamists, not just bully sheikh Fethullah Gulen and his gang, included Erdogan and other Islamist they supported all the Islamist gangsters saddaned many people included me and right now, the Islamists blame them anti-democrat, terrorist and putschist.
On one hand, I’m not sure the Altans are democrat or not, but I’m sure they are not terrorist and putschist.
On the other hand, I know and sure Nazli Ilicak neither anti democrat nor terrorist and putschist.
She is the only living victim of the all coups in Turkey.
In 1960 coup, she was 14 – year-old, her father Muemmer Cavusoglu who was a Mep, a Minister of Adnan Menderes and prisoned for months.
In 1971 coup, she was effected as the all pro – democracies.
In 1980 coup, she was imprisoned 3 months, her newspaper Tercuman was closed by the coup council temporarily a few times due to her anti – coup views.
In 1997 postmodern coup, she was a parlamenterian but on the orders of the putschists she was discarded from the Turkish Parliament.
I also know and sure the Islamists are the sole enemies of democracy and sleeping with all kind of terror groups in their dirty bed.
nazli ilicak

Everything Will Be Fine!

Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate Ekrem Imamoglu second times in just three months won the rerun Istanbul mayoral election on June 23 by receiving 54.2 percent of the votes after on March 31 elections
He totally deserved the win!

Since 1994 Istanbul has been under Erdogan’s Islamic repressive mindset, in addition this, Istanbul is like the goose that lays the golden eggs for the Islamists and now the Istanbulites killed Erdogan’s goose!
Islamists’ dark clouds over stanbul is now offically come to end!
I think the rerun election result is also the beginning of the end for Erdogan, because Turkish people realised his arrogance and his the worst mistake that he reshaped Turkey’s constitutional structure that means Turkey is no longer democracy.
By the result of Istanbul election a new era is dawning for the better future of Turkey and our hope is rising!
For the first time,the people who have different political views come together against Erdogan.

Not just as an unyielding democrat and anti-Islamist I also support Ekrem Imamoglu because he speaks like a true Istanbulite gentleman we miss for years!
Istanbul and he match each other perfectly, I wish him the best of the luck in his mayoralty 🙏🏻
#EverythingWillBeFineekrem imamoğlu ve eşi