Not only must the west fully support Turkey in the Afrin offensive, it must also look to the Balkans to see what a mess they have become. Albania as an expansionist, irridentist gangster failed state, Bulgaria oppressing Pomaks and Greece tub thumping over Cyprus.

Cause for worry in the Pentagon, and Kremlin.


Mills & Boon’s Latest: The Whirlwind Romance of the Perfect (Ukip) Gentleman

Jo MarneyThis week’s leader of Ukip, Mr Henry Bolton, has managed to get himself into the newspapers by: (1) leaving his wife for a younger woman; (2) changing his mind when the younger woman’s opinions on race were revealed; (3) saying he might change his mind again and return to the younger woman. The younger woman, for her part, has described Mr Bolton as the perfect gentleman. What a charming story. Let us look at it in more detail. Continue reading

Why Should Esther McVey be Lynched?

It is, famously, the opinion of the shadow chancellor of the exchequer that Esther McVey MP is a “bastard” who ought be lynched. Some, even in the Labour Party, thought he had gone a bit too far when he said that. But he has always refused to back down. Being conscious of modern PR requirements, he has been prepared to say that calling for a Tory MP to be lynched was just a joke, but it is not a joke which he thinks should be retracted (I suppose that is because it is so side splittingly funny). Continue reading

Kosovo is Serbia.

Tensions rising in the Balkans? If so are irridentist Albanians stoking them? Much is made of persecution elsewhere yet in Europe the Serb minority in “Kosovo” is being mistreated. Another Tony Blair victory?

A cursory glance at history shows that old Serbia sprang from what is now claimed by gangsters in Tirana.

Expansionist ideas such as “Greater Albania” are dangerous.


The end of false allegations? Perhaps so, as Ulster songbird Dana is to bring a private prosecution against several liars who (thus far anonymously) accused her brother of being a nonce.

Millions of quid in compensation will focus Old Bill’s mind wonderfully.

The Clown Prosecution Service ought to take note.


Delegated Legislation is Usually a Bad Thing.

Lord Judge, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, has spoken publicly about his dislike of the use of delegated legislation (statutory instruments etc.) to create criminal offences. Good for him. Mainstream politicians will never complain about legislation by civil servants. They have been completely won over by Sir Humphrey’s assurance that their colleagues in the House of Commons can never be trusted to get anything right. And. of course, they have lived with massive legislation from the EU with, effectively, no parliamentary scrutiny at all, for all their political lives. Democratic control of law makers is not something they hate. it is just something of which they have no experience. Continue reading