Fairness and Nemesis!

⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ “The religion of the state is justice. A state without justice is already pitiless, tyrannic.”- Hazrat Ali, 4th Caliph of Islam and son in law of Prophet Muhammed
⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ “If the government kills the consciousness of people, morality will die too.
When the mind and ethic die, the people are divided.
When the day the ruler buy off the judiciary, the justice also dies.
The day the ruler killed justice: The state also dies.”- Mehmet the Conqueror
⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ “Let the people live so that the state live.” – Seikh Edebali, Advisor of Osman Gazi, the founder of Ottoman Empire
⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ Justice is the infrastructure of proprietorship. ” – Ataturk
⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ Where there is no democracy, there is no justice, but there is inequality and unfairness.
⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ Despite all, there is always hope because every night is between two days, and the darkest moment is the closest to dawn.

⚖️🕊️🌐🕊️⚖️ Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of divine retribution and revenge from the Antonine Nymphaeum of Sagalassos 160- 180 AD, Burdur Museum, Turkey.

Found Footage is, er, found?

This is recently found footage, believed to be an explanation of how the Markle woman got within unzipping distance of the ginger one:

a protein diet

Additional recently found footage is believed to show how, after meeting the ginger one, the Markle woman explained how she had ‘fallen in love’. This is what true love looks like. This is NOT two venomous snakes engaging in a mutually beneficial (and cynical) mating ritual. This is The Ickle Mermaid…

‘..nothing calaculated, nothing planned..’

Is the Irish law an ass?

It would appear to be so. Legally I can state that an 11 year old boy was stabbed to death by his 28 year old uncle in November 2019. Thing is, it was front page news, so both identities are in the public domain. One looks forward to “Judge” Michael White arresting RTE (Irish version of the BBC) and the “Irish Times” amongst others – for covering the murder.