We need to rise like a Phoenix from Our ashes as We did in 1919 in the leadership of Ataturk!

99 years ago on this day, the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk arrived and started to the Turkish War of Independence in Samsun on May 19, 1919.
ataturk blue eyes
The day was also touchstone of the modern Turkey, in what the vasssalage system ended, the Ottomans adopted more than 600 years it, and the Turks become an equal citizen within the laws in the Republic of Turkey thanks to Ataturk, in this way a pro-vassalage Erdogan could be prime minister, then president but now who tries to demolish the Republic and bring the uncivilized system back.
A mean our fight with the darkness hasn’t been ended yet.

The day is celebrated in Turkey as the Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day in honour of the arrival of Ataturk to Samsun on May 19, 1919!
Happy May 19, the Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day,Turkey.
Dearest Ataturk, we will never back down from our oath and your way in order to eternity of the Turkish Republic🙏🏻❤️🇹🇷
May Allah Bless Your Soul🙏🏻


An Ugly Love and its Heroes!

Cursing Israel and Jews are the most valuable election and political tool of the Islamist politicians here in Turkey and these Islamists have always spread hate amongst their followers against their disagrees.

As opposed to popular belief, these politicians are the best and well-tempered allies of Israel and Zionists, like Erdogan.

In front of public Erdogan has always cursed, damned Israel and Jews but behind doors he does what the Jews and Israel wish.

Erdogan is the only Muslim who gets the Jewish Medal of Courage, given to him in 2004 by Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and he is declared eternal servant and friend of the Jews by both the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).

Erdogan, Israel and Jewish World have always fought with each other before the Turkish elections but after elections they become good mannered brothers of same parents.

Are they really fighting?

1-During Erdogan periods Israel Turkey trade is grown up tenfold and military collaboration with Israel is better than the US and any other NATO member.

2- In 2011 Erdogan and Israel agreed to built Kurecik radar base in the eastern province of Malatya to protect Israel against Iran. Now it’s under the US and Israel control the Turkish main opposition party CHP MEPs are not allowed to go inside by the US and Israeli military personnels.

3- Before Erdogan Israel could not be member of OECD because Turkey did not let it but in 2009 Erdogan approved its membership, so thanks to Erdogan Israel joined OECD.

4- Erdogan’s sons Bilal and Burak doing business with Israel and their shipping company transfering petrol, goods etc. back and forth from Turkey to Israel

I ask again, are they really fighting?

Now, they are acting same play on the different stages and today in Istanbul Erdogan acted his role perfectly and damned, cursed Jews and Israel in order to feature of his malformed political career and the Zionism’s Trojan Horse, Islamism.


Good-bye Hurriyet!

Hurriyet Newspaper has been flagship of the Turkish press and the most sold, read and influential newspaper of Turkey since the date of newspaper’s founding, 1948. It was founded by Sedat Simavi, who was an unyielding supporter of the Ataturk’s Principles, the Republic, democracy and modernization. Hurriyet’s objective perspective in political life and other topics have earned to the newspaper a remarkable reputation, by this way the rural-dwellers are accustomed to read newspaper in Turkey.
Hurriyet is like an unofficial voice of the Turkey and the Turkish people across the World.hürriyet.logo1

End of the an era!
Not just for the Hurriyet but also for the modern Turkey and Turkish press an era has come, Hurriyet’s owner Aydin Dogan sold Hurriyet and his entire media group aside Hurriyet which includes Turkey’s leading English daily Hurriyet Daily News, Posta and Fanatik newspapers, Atlas Magazine and Kanal D, CNN Turk channels to the pro-Erdogan media group Demiroren Group. In fact, Aydin Dogan who has been forced to sell Hurriyet a pro-government man since Erdogan comes to power, but Dogan almost a decade resists, doesn’t bow to the Erdogan’s pressures.

By this selling I don’t think Hurriyet remains as the voice of the Turkey and Turkish people but by this selling Turkish media comes under the direct control of Erdogan and Hurriyet will be mouth of Erdogan and his regime, because in Turkey all the media’s real owner is Erdogan. The official owners are the vassals of him.
Thank you Aydin Dogan, you are braver than many businessmen, you are more honourable than many people who always talk about in favour of the Ataturk’s Republic but do nothing.
I’m sad, so sad but nothing to do!
Good-bye Hurriyet!hurriyet

Because that is the wish of the power that put you here!

An infamous incident at the political trials (Yassiada trial) and Erdogan’s court verdicts!
1960 coup d’etat’s Chief of Justice Salim Basol’s answer to one of the Democrat Party politicans who asked why they were not getting a fair trial: “BECAUSE THAT IS THE WISH OF THE POWER THAT PUT YOU HERE.” Amongst the those prosecuted one Muammer Cavusoglu who was a politicians, a ministers of the DP, and father of journalist Nazli Ilicak.

nazli ilicak

Today my actual topic is Nazli Ilicak who was imprisoned for 3 three months by the junta after the military coup on 12 September 1980.
After postmodern coup on 28th February, 1997 Nazli Ilicak was stripped of her MP status and banned from political life.
And today, Erdogan court hands down aggravated life sentences to Nazli Ilicak for being putschist, spy and terrorist with six defendants, including prominent journalists Mehmet and Ahmet Altan brothers.
According to Erdogan seculerist Nazli Ilicak is a member of “media wing” of the Bully Islamist bastard Fethullah’s terror organisation.
Nazli Ilicak have done many mistakes during Erdogan & Fetullah attacks on the Turkish Army, but she is not a putschist, spy and terrorist, her worst mistake was to support Islamists, now she knows her mistake!
I’m so sorry for Nazli Ilicak and her children; as Salim Basol’s quotation; the power that is the wish put her there!

Our Greek friends: “The only good Turk is a dead Turk.”

pangolosFormer Greek foreign minister Theodoros Pangalos believes that the only good Turk is a dead Turk..!!
There are tens of thousands Turkish who are Greek citizen and have been living in Greece since 14th century, and they are under political pressure and human rights violations after the Ottomans lost the lands. So called human rights and minority defender the EU has always supported Greece’ pressure upon the Turkish origin Greek citizens and there are millions of Theodoros Pangalos who think the dead Turk is the good Turk.
If the EU and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras say ok, I just can say, this is Greek civilization and the Western civilization is based on it, so Theodoros Pangalos represents their civilizations perfectly.
I love ancient Greek civilization, culture and Turkish Greeks in this respect I have always welcomed the other Greeks warmly, and never think political issues between two countries in my personal view point, but this is unaccetable because this guy is an ex minister and still one of prominet politicans of Greece, not a member of the Greek Nazi Party Golden Dawn, in spite of his political position he is as much as same with a town crier of the Golden Dawn!

The Turks’ Winter Solstice fest; Nar Dugan and Ayaz Ata!

Seems to not related with Christmas, the birth of Jesus but pre-Islamic the Turks had celebrated a holiday called “Nar Dugan” which referred to the winter solstice! “Nar” means sun and “Dugan” means birth, so it meant the birth of the Sun and in French Noel means “day of birth” and derived the Latin word “Natalis”.
In the Turkish customs the sun is very important, the pre-Islamic Turks believed in one God, they called God as “Tengri” and they prayed to Tengri in order to return the sun to them but the sun needs to fight with the night a mean darkness and evilness. According to their beliefs, the day and night are fighting in the shortest day but the longest night of the year on December 22, after the long struggle the sun gets victory over the night, a mean the Sun defeats the dark and evil powers, then the Sun’s victory is celebrated by the Turks under a sacred tree gorgeously, as the story goes, the sacred tree is White Spruce which is believed to symbolize the center of the earth and then it’s called Tree of Life and they adorned it with fruits, especially apple and pomegranate. Today, the Turkish women still use this tree in their carpets, rugs and laceworks as well as Turkish Muslims use it on the tiles to decorate inner walls of the mosques.

As I stated, the return of the sun is rebirth and they called this day; “Nar Dugan” and in this respect, during the coldest days of the winter and in the eve of Nar Dugan a Turkish saint Ayaz Ata comes in view to help the hungry, poor, orphaned people. The literal meaning Ayaz Ata; “Frost Father” and he was created of Moon light.
After following the Islam, except Seljukian period, Turkey’s Turks generally leave their old customs although the minority of the Turks in Central Asia, Siberia and Azerbaijan still celebrate Nar Dugan as before adopting Islam and they still decorate their homes with all kind of spruce and pine trees to celebrate the New Year solstice on December 22.
On the photo, a decorated tree of life adorned with fruits on the wall of 13th century Seljukian madrasah, Gok Madrasah (Sky Madrasah) in Sivas.Sivas-Amasya 019

Erdogan has never changed and now once again slams Israel as a ‘terrorist state’ that ‘kills children’!

Then I should ask, a couple of questions to Erdogan:
1- If Israel is a “terrorist state” years ago why you signed a military alliance with Israel?
2- If Israel is a “terrorist state” what about the Saud Arabia and other Arab countries that kills Muslim Arab children in Yemen?
3- If Israel is a terrorist state” why you have sold the Mavi Marmara victims to Israel at a deah monkey price = 20 millon dollars?
4- If Israel is a “terrorist state” why your son’s ship trade with Israel?
5- If Israel is a “terrorist state” as a Muslim why you accept their Eternal Jewish Servant and Courage medals and David Horn?
6- If Israel is a “terrorist state”, why you give them Kurecik Base to protect Israel against Iran?
7- If Israel is a “terrorist state”, at first why you recognised Jerusalem as a capital of Israle on 28 June 2016 when you signed an agreement on the Mavi Marmara affair in Jerusalem?
8- If Israel is a “terrorist state” why you are still co-chairman of the Greater Middle East Project that only works for Israel?
9- If Israel is a “terrorist state” while you spreading hate and hostility amongst people, why you are still the beloved Muslim leader of the Israeli politicans and Jewish think tanks?
10- Who are you in reality, will you show your true face to your disciples who filled up with your hatred to non-Muslism and Turks who love Ataturk?

Let me make it clear to you!

So far except EU I haven’t been in any anti US, NATO, the UK, Israel, Germany, in a word any anti-West campaign and hereafter including the EU I will not be in any anti-West campaign either which organized by Erdogan backed groups within the knowledge of him in order to save himself and his Islamist regime.

The Republic of Turkey is a Western country and will be stayed as a Western country in the Western league, whatever anti-Turkish Western Erdogans, Turkey’s Erdogans, even Erdoğan’s pro-China and Russia leftist supporters in Turkey and abroad think that there is no place for Turkey in the West, no Turkey is in the West, not just since 1923 or 1299, Turkey has been in the West since 1071 when the Turks officially entered into the Anatolian Peninsula.

Peace at HOME, Peace in the WORLD


If I were a politician, I would like to work for permanent peace between Turkey and Greece.
Although their religion, language differences two nations are resemble each other than any other nation on earth, even their patriotism about their national values and hostility arguments against each other are same too.
Two sides’ politicans, intellectuals and media should seek permanent peace to back on amicable terms as Ataturk and Venizelos succeed in 1930s, even they fought each other during the the War of Turkish Independence, Venizelos nominated Ataturk for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1934.
I hope one day my dream on Turkey and Greece comes true 🙏

What is Ramadan and why is it important in Islam?

adana sabancı camiiRamadan is a period of fasting and spiritual growth, and is one of the five pillars of Islam and the month Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and in the Islamic calendar, the timing of Ramadan varies from year to year and lasts either 29 or 30 days. It’s considered the holiest month in Islam.

Ramadan is obligatory those over the age of puberty for every mature, sane, and healthy Muslim, but under certain conditions there is no obligatory for ill people, old age and mentally ill and insane, chronically ill, and those under the age of puberty, but pregnant women, people with a temporary illness, soldiers in battle or do military service, anyone who is traveling may suspend their fasting and can make up their missed fasting days following month of Ramadan, even they prefer to fast the shorten days of the year, especially in the Winter season. The Muslims who practice the fasting are expected to abstain from eating, drinking and sexual relations from dawn to sunset each day of Ramadan.

Muslims believed that Prophet Muḥammad received the first surah of the Quran on the 27th night of Ramadan, the Night of Power = Laylat al-Qadar. In addition to all above, Muslims believed that all Abrahamic religions’ books; the Scrolls of Abraham, the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms of David were revealed in the month of Ramadan.

The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of one of two major Islamic holidays Bayram or Eid al-Fitr in Arabic. On this day, male Muslims attend a religious service at Mosques in the morning, male or female Muslims pay visit to their late relatives’ graves and friends, visit relatives and neighbours and exchange gifts.
🌹🌹To all my Muslim friends both in Turkey and around the world I wish you Happy Ramadan, and I send my Best Wishes to my non-Muslim friends in Turkey and around the World 🌹🌹