Peace at HOME, Peace in the WORLD


If I were a politician, I would like to work for permanent peace between Turkey and Greece.
Although their religion, language differences two nations are resemble each other than any other nation on earth, even their patriotism about their national values and hostility arguments against each other are same too.
Two sides’ politicans, intellectuals and media should seek permanent peace to back on amicable terms as Ataturk and Venizelos succeed in 1930s, even they fought each other during the the War of Turkish Independence, Venizelos nominated Ataturk for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1934.
I hope one day my dream on Turkey and Greece comes true 🙏


What is Ramadan and why is it important in Islam?

adana sabancı camiiRamadan is a period of fasting and spiritual growth, and is one of the five pillars of Islam and the month Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and in the Islamic calendar, the timing of Ramadan varies from year to year and lasts either 29 or 30 days. It’s considered the holiest month in Islam.

Ramadan is obligatory those over the age of puberty for every mature, sane, and healthy Muslim, but under certain conditions there is no obligatory for ill people, old age and mentally ill and insane, chronically ill, and those under the age of puberty, but pregnant women, people with a temporary illness, soldiers in battle or do military service, anyone who is traveling may suspend their fasting and can make up their missed fasting days following month of Ramadan, even they prefer to fast the shorten days of the year, especially in the Winter season. The Muslims who practice the fasting are expected to abstain from eating, drinking and sexual relations from dawn to sunset each day of Ramadan.

Muslims believed that Prophet Muḥammad received the first surah of the Quran on the 27th night of Ramadan, the Night of Power = Laylat al-Qadar. In addition to all above, Muslims believed that all Abrahamic religions’ books; the Scrolls of Abraham, the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms of David were revealed in the month of Ramadan.

The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of one of two major Islamic holidays Bayram or Eid al-Fitr in Arabic. On this day, male Muslims attend a religious service at Mosques in the morning, male or female Muslims pay visit to their late relatives’ graves and friends, visit relatives and neighbours and exchange gifts.
🌹🌹To all my Muslim friends both in Turkey and around the world I wish you Happy Ramadan, and I send my Best Wishes to my non-Muslim friends in Turkey and around the World 🌹🌹

I would like to share something with you on Turkish referendum!

Some people think Islam is an obstacle to democratic development, but it’s not because secularism is the key point for the democracy in Turkey or any Muslim country if it’s a democratic country. Secularism is crucially different between Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world.
Secularism is an English word and it is somewhat misleading, since it is often used in the context of antireligious philosophy, but the term used in Turkish is based on the French “laicitè,” which means “separation” between religion and the state affairs and Turkey has accomplished this successfully thanks to Ataturk and his revolutions.

Ataturk had brought secularism, secularism brought democracy instead of Sharia in Turkey and equality for all citizens, so equal Islamist politicians set up Islamist parties and one of them is Erdogan’s Akp which have been ruling Turkey since 2002, but in a Sharia system they would be a second-class citizen as we all were in the Ottoman period and they would not have any politic right. Today the Islamist government and its leader Erdogan try to bring Turkey back into a sultanate by use of democracy.

Once, Erdogan was quoted as saying, “Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.” Erdogan, who is now president of Turkey, has decidedly stepped off the tram. A constitutional referendum will be held throughout Turkey on 16 April 2017, if Erdogan wins, not just a change in the system of government but also the Turkish regime will be changed. Erdogan’s de facto one-man rule will be codified into what can only be described as a tribal chieftain and sultanate.

Erdogan’s new constitution is a copy of the Syrian Constitution but Bashar al-Assad’s version is secular and more democratic than Erdogan’s.
Erdogan’s constitution would also allow him to dissolve the parliament, Erdogan wants federation for Turkey and his advisors have suggested that if people say “yes” Turkey can be converted into a federation that means; if Erdogan wins the referendum, it will effectively put an end to the secular unitary democratic Turkish Republic.
I say NO NO NO!

Marine Le Pen and Headscarf!

Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader has every right to refuse to wear a headscarf to meet an Islamic scholar in Beirut or wherever she is!
1- Wearing headscarf is not either an obligation for a Muslim women unless they perform the Salaat =Namaz, ( ritual prayers of Islam).

2- Both non-Muslim and Muslim women are free to visit inside of the mosques without wearing headscarg, it’s not obligation either but they wear it to respect the believers of Islam and local muslims around the mosque, so Marine Le Pen did right thing and an Islamic scholar is not a value of Islam, even though local people, and state of Lebanen pay respect him. In fact, Islam forbids these habits but the Arabs never leave pre-Islamic manners and their habits spreads into the other Muslim nations.

3- Marine Le Pen is a non-Muslim woman, so Muslim or non-Muslim how people dare to criticise her?

4- Muslims and Lebanese scholar need to learn their religion at its first source from the Koran.

5- Non – Muslim Marine Le Pen is not provocator but the Labenese scholar and his disciples are,they do not have any right to demand wearing of headscarf from a non-Muslim woman.

6- Well done to Marine Le Pen, I do not agree with her in politic but this time she is right.

Mawlid al-Nabi and today’s Muslims!

Tonight is the holy night on which the birth of Islam’s prophet Muhammad is marked and Islamic world is under the tyrannic regimes and terror threats unlike Prophet Muhammed and Islam commands.

Turkey is not an Islamic state yet, but the country is under the rule of the worst Islamist tyrant who is hand in hand all type of terrorism in order to his regime, but the tyrant has always blamed other countries, and his disagrees among the Turkish citizens for his faults and last night including 30 police officers 38 citizens died, 19 are in critical condition 155 were injured by a pkk terror attack in Istanbul but shame or resignation does not exist in tyrant’s dictionary, because Islam is much more than a religion for him and his adherents but an opium which make the tyrant’s adherents blind-deaf.
Hope Mawlid al-Nabi opens their eyes and ears then brings them the gift of happiness and blessings today and always!

Along with Istanbul last 24 hours deaths toll in Muslim countries.
Egpyt Cairo Church bombed: 28
Yemen Aden military base bombed: 60
Somalia Mogadishu terror attack on port : 29
The table is horrendous.

Muslims need to face the reality and what is the problem, if the problem is Islamic understaning they face to face with Islam, they should do it, before blame non-Muslim countries, because I belive there is a language problem and interpretation problem about the Holy Quran because all ages book can not be source of tyranic regimes in Muslim countries and some terror groups and Turkey must get rit of the tyrant and his Islamo fascism.
We must do it and tonight I hope Muslims think about why Islam is mentioned with terrorism and why Muslim countries under the tyrants rules?

My heart goes with all the terror victims, their families frends in Istanbul and other parts of the World

Money Talks!

After Israel paid Erdogan $20 million for Gaza flotilla raid, tonight Erdogan’s court drops all charges against Israel in Gaza flotilla case.
Thank you Erdogan for confirming me once again because I belive and assert that as money talks, Erdogan sells what he belives and you sold your disciples at dirt cheap price.

New Problem; Shanghai Gangsters!

No Erdogan no, although the EU is an anti-Turkish and Turkey union like you, it’s not against you and anti-Islamo fascists union, how you forget Erdogan, how you forget; when you abolished the Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code and try to sell the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and detained Turkish best military officers, the bloody bastard EU declared you unoffically as a voluntary servitude of the EU and friend(!!) of modern Europe but in their real opinion you are an illiterate dictator as you are.

You can not see the facts in reality that the EU hates you as you hate all people who disagree with you and your new frame-up with the Asian and Russian dictators’ club Shanghai Cooperation Organisation which surely welcomes you as a honorable(!) man because all dictators are there except Iran and S.Arabia’s.

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Trump & Trump

Aside my abstaining view on Donald Trump; the Republicans are NOT racist or fascist.
I’m a Muslim and my best Western friends are generally right wingers from the UKIP to Conservative Party and the Republican Party but they have never used any harsh word on me.
Moreover, when the Daily Telegraph’s closed site MyTelegraph’s first years in 2007s because of my bad English and for some reasons I had some problems with some MyT’ers but they again never used hurtful words on me.
In addition these, they always share their concern about me and Turkey, when Erdogan’s any attack on the Turks, Turkish Millitary and Turkish Republic.
To call Trump voters “fascist or racist” is unfair and nobody has a right to call them “fascist or racist, the other fact is that Donald Trump is created by Obama’s mistakes and he has not taken office yet and people should criticize him after his first performancescarry out on his active duty.

More Than an Election

I may not be American or have a vote but this election will affect us all due to its image as a global leader, and nobody’s sure what will the election bring us all, but I’m pretty sure the decline of the US started when the Americans voted Barack Obama on 4 November, 2008.
I know for sure, neither Hillary Cilnton nor Donald Trump will be remedy of the US but they can be nothing more than the troublemaker Obama.US-VOTE-DEBATE

Advanced Democray in Aciton!


After right wing’s number one journalist 72 year-old Nazli Ilicak’s arresting, she is also Turkey’s one of the greatest women journalists in the whole history of Turkey, now Erdogan turns to left wingers anti-Tayyiban journalists and Nazli Ilicak once upon a time among to supporters of Erdogan, but Cumhuriyet’s arrested journalists were not.

Cumhuriyet is the oldest secular daily of Turkey which was founded in 1923 at the request of Ataturk and named as ‘Cumhuriyet = Republic’ by Ataturk.

Over the last twenty years, due to their Kemalist political stance Cumhuriyet journalists Ugur Mumcu and Ahmet Taner Kişlali assasinated and today Erdogan’s court rules to arrest nine of Cumhuriyet journalists, included Turkey’s one of the most famous cartoonists Musa Kart and IPI Executive Board Member and Head of IPI Turkey Committee Kadri Gursel.

Yesterday, the EU was protesting Erdogan; “don’t touch pkk supporter deputies” but today they are in a deep silence, actually they have never protest Erdogan for arresting his disagrees, if they are Kemalist Turks, even the EU was one of supporters of Erdogan during the so-called Ergenekon & Sledgehammer cases against Turkish military officers.