Fly fishing by J R Hartley

Indulge me briefly as I need an aide memoire and this will do as well as any.

Biography – in parts, 1947-73 (Guanaboa and Croydon)

1973-89 (police corruption)

1989-96 (mental illness and work for Life Science, Cambridge).

1996-2006 only received out of pocket expenses (false)

2006-2017 the MyT years and eventual jail.

What do you think?


Caroline Ansell.

They are getting afraid since Thomas Mair met Jo Cox. One hears that Mark Sands was quite blunt with the Rt Hon member for Eastbourne. Hence four months in jail, how much will it cost the taxpayer?

Oderint dum metuant.

Mrs May, Chuck and the US and A.

Dear Chuck, You are white, middle aged and male, therefore your chances of being nicked are remote,

so just a few pointers. Firstly, observe the immigration queues, see which moves quickest and get into that line.

Second – change the password of your FB before you arrive and after you leave.

UKIP 2.0

Arron Banks is to establish a new party. Best of luck with that, UKIP became a one trick pony with an ineffectual leadership. The title “Patriotic Alliance” is being touted, I hope it is not going to become a refuge for flag waving xenophobic types.