About Ciaran Goggins

Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.

R v Bedford

Jeremy Bedford-Turner got jail time for saying something someone took exception to. Be afraid, be very afraid, Sooty says that you are next.

This is the demise of free speech (I disagree 100% with what he said by the way).




“Nick” Operation Midland and Harvey Proctor.

Time for gloating as The Met face a £1 million bill from disgraced and innocent ex Tory M.P, Harvey Proctor, for the bungled Operation Midland.

Briefly, a fantasist 40 something male accused top celebrities of all sorts of perverse activity. Ted Heath (dead) could not answer charges. Lord Bramall was fully exonerated.

The identity of “Nick” has now been blown (he is fully outed abroad). There are no borders in cyber space.

Les trois villes – Londres, Port au Prince et Washington.

The smallest and poorest province of the American Imperium (Britain) is now engaged in minor publicity stunts in Syria (hopefully Utley Junior won’t be deployed by the navy). What will the Commonwealth response be? Shall we ask Jamaica’s defence farce to send some limbo dancing Yardies and a calypso band? (Or is that Trinidadian music?)

The Pentagon views the UK as “a worse bet than Cuba under Batista or ‘Nam under Thieu”.  Trump is anxious to disengage before the next and final bout of serious civil unrest hits Blighty. Theresa May could wangle a villa in Florida out of it.

Tanesha and Wesley

Much is being made of plod “losing control of the streets of London”, did they ever really have control to begin with?

The “epidemic” of crime is pretty much confined to what are now termed BAME (in other words West Indians). It is taking Malthus a bit far but if some Jamaicans want to knife other Jamaicans or Nigerians for daring to enter their slum postcode is it really cause for concern?

Capital punishment for Latisha and Tyrone? Ought we to ask Meghan Markle? Note for diaries, in about two weeks a huge police corruption scandal will blow wide open.

O futuro de Portugal.

The future of modern warfare will be asymmetrical, give that actors such as nation states will face ideologies (radical Islam, the far right) rather than other armies. The bush wars of African independence (Guine-Bissau, Angola, Mocambique) laid the ground rules. The 19th century saw statues to mark victories in battle but from now on “the man on the horse” must take place to the Moroccan in the supermarket with hostages.

Meechan and Nazi Pugs (Count Dankula)

Judge Derek O’Connell seems worried. He found a silly Scotsman guilty of racial aggravated assault or some such.

A pet Pug called “Buddha” was taught to “Seig Heil” when Hitler appeared on TV. So far, so banal.

In an age when Bahar Mustafa can get away with “Kill all white man” it appears that it is illegal to make a facile and asinine joke about a dog owned by Meechan’s girlfriend and a TV programme about WW2.

Whatever next? Are we to be banned from jokes about Jamaicans? Dread, innit?

Julian Assange

Britain’s foremost political prisoner today had a set back. After two false rape allegations (both accusers names are in the public domain so I won’t bother) one hears that he cannot leave the Embassy of Equador.

Would any plod who arrested him be deemed guilty of committing an act against humanity and thus face the death penalty? Oderint dum metuant?