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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching biggest private prosecution in UK legal history.

Accrington Police

The video doing the rounds, is of a young man being stopped by a P.C in Accrington. Luckily, the phone camera was on, as the youth is told he will be arrested, then that plod can “make anything up, you won’t be believed”. The day that anyone put veracity in Old Bill has long passed. The ethnic identity of the P.C is now being discussed. Not 100% Anglo Saxon anyway. One wonders what his badge number and name are? Viva Lancashire.


Very Flack

Have we not gone a little bit overboard on Caroline Flack? She began her meteoric rise by sleeping with Russell Brand. Eventually she hit her partner over the head – whilst he slept – with a lava lamp.

She then did a lot of whining when she was fired from “Love Island”. I watched one episode (as a favour to my cousins daughter). It appears that “couples” talk about whether to **** one another.

I’d have looked forward to Flack’s critique of Wittgenstein.


Pouring oil onto the contentious fire of “racism”, Mr Sabisky might have stumbled on something. The shibboleth that West Indians have of a lower IQ than Europeans. It is not illegal to state that Jamaicans are better at track and field (due to having to outrun slave catchers). Excuse me as I read the world’s shortest book, “Black Nobel Prize Winners”.

Opinion? Poles?

Does anyone place credence in opinion polls? They said May would win her snap election and that Remain would win Brexit.

Does anyone place faith in Bozza? “Dead in a ditch” and “Brexit, no ifs no buts”. It has been three and a half years now.

Will immigration play a role in the election? How many Poles and Ukrainians are in the UK? The Liberals are at least flying the flag for the Transgender community.