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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.


Not only must the west fully support Turkey in the Afrin offensive, it must also look to the Balkans to see what a mess they have become. Albania as an expansionist, irridentist gangster failed state, Bulgaria oppressing Pomaks and Greece tub thumping over Cyprus.

Cause for worry in the Pentagon, and Kremlin.


Kosovo is Serbia.

Tensions rising in the Balkans? If so are irridentist Albanians stoking them? Much is made of persecution elsewhere yet in Europe the Serb minority in “Kosovo” is being mistreated. Another Tony Blair victory?

A cursory glance at history shows that old Serbia sprang from what is now claimed by gangsters in Tirana.

Expansionist ideas such as “Greater Albania” are dangerous.


The end of false allegations? Perhaps so, as Ulster songbird Dana is to bring a private prosecution against several liars who (thus far anonymously) accused her brother of being a nonce.

Millions of quid in compensation will focus Old Bill’s mind wonderfully.

The Clown Prosecution Service ought to take note.


Britain First and social media.

There is much gloating from my erstwhile companions on the far left at the demise of Twitter accounts belonging to Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding (both of whom could qualify for political prisoner status alongside Julian Assange).

Whether or not one agrees (and I am not an Islamophobe as long timers well know) free speech is hate speech. One cannot gag views which contain dissent.

Nick Freeman and Liz McInnes.

Nick Freeman is a noted criminal maven. He said that we must have a register of false rape accusers, just as we have a sex offenders register.

Liz McInnes, a vile creature from Labour’s Mancunian bowels said it is a knee jerk reaction.

Not if one is falsely accused, however.


Liam Allan

Plod get it wrong again. Yet another false rape allegations fiasco. Following on Livio Dinaj the police look dumber than usual (quite a feat).

One wonders what it will take to get anonymity regranted in rape trials? Perhaps naming malicious accusers? Easily done outside of Britain. No borders in cyberspace.


Jane Austen.

So, Giles (Daddy got me this job) Coren is not a fan of Jane Austen. Neither am I but our reasons differ.

Northanger Abbey? High point, at the end, is a kiss. Not a bodice ripped off kiss, but a peck on the cheek kiss.

Mansfield Park? I’d rather read Das Kapital in Mongolian.

Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Shaggability (OK I made that up)…total pants.

Five miles from where Austen wrote, at the same time as she wrote, folks starved to death.

It is grim opp north lass.




600 light years.

Are we to get first contact on Thursday? NASA are holding a press conference about Kepler 22, which is six hundred light years away.

I was trying to work out some paradoxes about time travel but causality got in the way.