Britain First, Prof Green and Rochdale

What heady times we live in, a rapper (white, pretending to be black) arrives in Rochdale and is verballed abused by a far right, anti immigrant, Islamophobic mob.

Oh well, perhaps it is preferable to someone black pretending to be white – a “Derek in the woodpile” so to speak.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with putting Britain first, merely the manner in which one does it, after all one would not wish to be a “Haslam in the woodpile”.

There are of course niggling doubts over calling a spade a spade these days. Are they more enlightened on the continent?


The battle of Monkton, Pembroke massive.

Jah. It appears that Dyfed Powys police are about to be torpedoed. Last night, early this morning locals in Monkton discovered a sex offender in their midst. She was escorted to safety as riot police held back the crowd. Thing is, what with cyber space having no borders, she is being named abroad.

Whaddya think?


Rape in Manchester.

As horrific stories go, what happened in Nuthurst Park, New Moston ranks up there with the Harpurhey Dogs Home arson attack.

News that the image of the 16 year old rapist have been leaked, both in Britain and abroad show how ineffective Greater Manchester Police are (Martin Ingram anyone?)

The rapist is white so the Islamphobes can take the day off.

On Buddhism, forgiveness, Islam and racism.

Araminta (who is pretty much the sites Mum) wrote about forgiveness. Just as I was lacing up my running shoes and about to head out into a windy afternoon I had some pensees.

One deals with a white journalist who went to interview a black woman in Harlem, late 60’s or early 1970’s. Her son had been murdered by NYPD. She gave an eloquent account of police cover ups. He ended the recording, stood up, and went to shake her hand. She glared at him. “My son was killed by a white, since that day I vowed never to touch another honky again”.

The Buddha teaches not to hate. The Buddha never lived in Deptford. It cuts both ways surely, if a half West Indian tries to kill you aren’t you entitled to some prejudice and hatred?

Islam is actually quite forgiving, but my point is that if one adopts Ara’s approach it comes near to making one a doormat. Who respects doormats? Plod don’t.


Hell, Anna Soubry

When are M.P’s going to realise that the internet is just for top bants? Post Jo Cox even criticism of Westminster denizens is off limits. Are we becoming like some third world state such as Nigeria or Jamaica? Totally outraged at the sentencing of Mr Whathisname. British civil liberties gone.

Guns and goons

We now discover that one of the innocent folk murdered was shot in a hail of police bullets. Still, what can one expect from low IQ, gutless (300 armed plod afraid of 3 men with knives) and perjuring vermin? Another pay rise?

Fly fishing by J R Hartley

Indulge me briefly as I need an aide memoire and this will do as well as any.

Biography – in parts, 1947-73 (Guanaboa and Croydon)

1973-89 (police corruption)

1989-96 (mental illness and work for Life Science, Cambridge).

1996-2006 only received out of pocket expenses (false)

2006-2017 the MyT years and eventual jail.

What do you think?


Caroline Ansell.

They are getting afraid since Thomas Mair met Jo Cox. One hears that Mark Sands was quite blunt with the Rt Hon member for Eastbourne. Hence four months in jail, how much will it cost the taxpayer?

Oderint dum metuant.