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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching largest case of police perjury in UK legal history.

PSNI and Jayda Fransen arrest

The “Britain First co leader Jayda Fransen was arrested in London and taken to Belfast for questioning by the B Specials, RUC, PSNI over remarks made in August.

Free speech?



A quick look at the BBC site leads to an interesting article http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41430740

I am puzzled as to what “invite support” could mean, legally? If, for instance, Scottish Dawn target a known police perjurer who is a child molester and one says “Well done” is that inviting support?

Tricky issue.

Psychology 101

One hears of the self hating Jew sometimes, this seems to carry over to the “mixed race” community, with psychiatric issues over their place in society and their feelings of lack of self worth. Indeed, some create elaborate personas, lie about being related to famous figures, (Admirals, Lords, Judges) and are ashamed of being a melange of poor white trash from, say, Suffolk or Devon and some passing Jamaican.

It would be great if some noted TV company would do a documentary on this, focusing on one particular case, perhaps?


World of rugby

Or as the Welsh say – Rwgbi. Today we hear that two Ulster rugger stars have been accused of rape. Oddly enough (thus far) their accuser who claims she was attacked at an address in south Belfast – is not not named.

How long will this this last? Anonymity for BOTH sides!


Britain First, Prof Green and Rochdale

What heady times we live in, a rapper (white, pretending to be black) arrives in Rochdale and is verballed abused by a far right, anti immigrant, Islamophobic mob.

Oh well, perhaps it is preferable to someone black pretending to be white – a “Derek in the woodpile” so to speak.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with putting Britain first, merely the manner in which one does it, after all one would not wish to be a “Haslam in the woodpile”.

There are of course niggling doubts over calling a spade a spade these days. Are they more enlightened on the continent?


Black Joy

On the topic of cinema, blaxploitation films were big at one point, a memorable one being made in the 1970’s “Black Joy” dealt with police racism in London.

Also noteworthy was “Watermelon Man” where a white man wakes up to find he is black.

French language – “Rue cases negres” best translated as “Black shack alley” was a poignant examination of a boy in Martinique who becomes pals with a mulatto Leopold.



The battle of Monkton, Pembroke massive.

Jah. It appears that Dyfed Powys police are about to be torpedoed. Last night, early this morning locals in Monkton discovered a sex offender in their midst. She was escorted to safety as riot police held back the crowd. Thing is, what with cyber space having no borders, she is being named abroad.

Whaddya think?