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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching biggest private prosecution in UK legal history.

Greta Thunberg

Is it me, or is there far too much hype over an Asperger’s teenager from Sweden telling us what to do?




Evans v Brabner

This is in the public domain but I will leave it up to “Mum” as to whether she wants to pull the plug on this.

Fact, Ched Evans was tried, along with Clayton McDonald. Fact, McDonald acquitted. Fact, that Ched Evans did two and a half years in prison. Fact, after his case went before the CCRC he had a retrial and was found “Not Guilty” after a few hours.

Fact, North Wales Police told me during a 72 hour interrogation that “McDonald got away with it”. Fact, today Ched had a £800,000 out of court settlement.

Sing when you are winning.



How ineluctable is Scottish independence? Given the febrile nature of Westminster and Whitehall will the SNP opt for another referendum? Everyone else seems to be doing so. Saor Alba vicar?

Whitehall, Brexit, kick-off?

With heavy news censorship by the Lugenpresse it is hard to know what is going on. Thankfully mobile phones now have cameras and it could be that P.C Plod faces the wrath of the Brexiteers. As in Burkina Faso, the “mother of parliaments” ignored the electorate, until now that is.


News just in…

Dramatic statement from Theresa May “Xmas is now postponed to 7th January with an option to extend this until 12th February”. In a tersely worded reply from the North Pole Santa Claus is said to be “furious”. DUP backed motion, Donegal to be invaded. Plus Monaghan and other border counties.

How Geoffrey Cox scored an own goal with Tommy Robinson.

It has been said before and I shall repeat it now. It is not that we are in contempt of court but that the courts are held in contempt, by us.

I don’t subscribe to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Islamophobia but I do support his freedom (?) of speech. Thing is, “they came for UKIP, but I did nothing as I wasn’t UKIP…”

Brexit (freedom day as Jamaican slaves called emancipation) is coming.

Guide to Oscars

Badger – I photographed Olivia Colman.

Charles Utley – I once met Olivia Colman.

Araminta – Monty Mouse should have won.

Cheech – Muslims ate my Oscar.

Ciaran Goggins – no truth in rumours about Olivia Colman and I. Nor Emma Stone. I was too busy with Rachel Weisz.

Helpmaboab – Is Olivia Colman a Fenian?