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Thinking out loud!!

Would it be sensible for Mrs May to call a general election?  Previous prime ministers, Tony Bliar and Gordon Brown have filled the House of Lords with people of their faith plus at the end of the coalition Nick Clegg sent a number of libdums to join the overflow, no doubt Cameron sent some of his remainers to the Lords as well, making the Lords overwhelming in favour of remaining in the EU. In my constituency of Chesterfield, the vote in the referendum was to leave the EU, I can’t see it voting Tory if Mrs May does call a GE.

The bad news is?

The court ruling on Brexit.  It will be interesting to see how the government responds and how it’s handled.  I feel pretty cross that some aggrieved individual can upset the apple cart.  What are your views?

Miners Strike.

Amanda Rudd announces there will be NO inquiry into the Miners  strike.


Quite  right too, who can remember details from 1983/4?   I wasn’t actually there but I was involved with the WVS in preparing food for the police when they arrived back at the barracks in the evening.  We could hold enquiries into many things that happened in the past, there come a time time when it has to stop.

Tony Bliar Again.

I have never heard so much waffle that is coming out of his mouth, he was on Radio Four, the Today programme. The Bliar was  talking about his views on Brexit or breakfast as some labour people call it, the interviewer gave him a semi tough time, no change there, then.