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A layman’s view of the state of the law

Scribbled as a comment on Breitbart an hour ago. As so often happens with me, what began as a brief couple of lines, just ‘growed.’ I just though thought the Bulletin was the place to express these opinions.

‘Our country’s institutions are beginning to crumble. The law is a case in point.

‘Firstly, this automatic halving of sentences for good behaviour must be scrapped. Sentences should mean what they say. Offenders marked for deportation must not be released into the general population at the end of their sentences but placed in a holding camp until they are escorted to a plane and remain in custody to their destination.

‘Secondly the public demand meaningful sentences for crimes such as murder, rape and assault. As for lesser crimes, the New York experience shows that ignoring minor infractions leads to an increase in more serious crime. Zero tolerance must mean just that. Bring back respect for the law, all law.

‘Thirdly there must be an end to this dual system of sentencing where immigrants and specifically muslims, plead cultural differences in mitigation. Migrants DO NOT bring their own laws, of lack of, with them.

‘If I had been home secretary back in 2010 when May assumed that position, I would have implemented these proposals in my first six months and then resigned . I would have gone down in political history as the best Home Secretary since Robert Peel. And the cheapest’


Postmodernism is something I am trying to get to grips with, so far unsuccessfully

I have been reading about the development of art in the West, from premodernism through modernism to today’s postmodernism and it has been both rewarding, confusing and shocking in fairly equal measures.

 What struck me most in my readings has the way that artists have variously treated the matter of sex since the end of modernism in the late sixties. At least that is the date the cognoscenti claim and I admit to being surprised by that.

Alternative sexualities and fetishes have been pretty much worked over in the twentieth century. Until recently visual art has not explored sex involving children. Eric Fischl’s ‘Sleepwalker’* shows a pubescent boy masturbating in a backyard kiddy paddling pool. The same artist’s ‘Bad Boy’* shows a boy stealing from his mother’s purse while looking at his naked mother sleeping with legs wide apart.

 Perhaps those familiar with Freud might not find that too shocking but it will certainly appeal to some members of PIE or many of the charities and NGO’s we have been reading about lately.

But for a glimpse of the pit into which postmodernism in art has taken me at least, consider Paul McCarthy’s (sic) ‘Cultural Gothic’* and it’s theme not just of child sex but bestiality. It is a life-size, moving exhibit, in which a young boy stands behind a goat which he is humping. Here there is more than simple child sexuality and sex with animals however. McCarthy adds cultural commentary by having the father present, resting his hands paternally on the boy’s shoulders while his son humps away.

 I could go on, but perhaps I have gone too far already.

I am amazed at this assault on every value and code of decency in Western civilisation. There are people who, thanks to what our universities have become, not only take this seriously (as I most certainly do too though for different reasons) but actually promote this debasement of thought and morals in an onslaught on tradition. For this is what the function of postmodernism appears to this uneducated critic to be.

To take just one often overlooked trend in today’s England. Have you noticed a definite coarsening in our everyday lives? The free use, and in public, of obscenities in normal speech, particularly by women and children? Only an hour or so ago I was deleted from a Guardian thread for criticising, strictly in context, a poster’s grammar and suggesting English might not be his first language. ZAP!! I dared to question someone who only MIGHT be a member of a minority. Yet the threads of Komment Macht Frei are peppered with F and C words, that linger like crude tattoos for the life of the thread. Even when I pointed this out I was again deleted.

Trivial? After all, does not everyone speak like that these day? Even members of the Royal Family are heard to curse. The media is awash with this sort of language. No I do not believe it is trivial. Is not litter and graffiti an obscenity? The failure to enforce laws? The toleration of low level crime? It is all part of destruction of the English way of life, its culture, its history, in this form dating certainly from the collapse of Russian socialism and the need for Marxism to shift its shape. Linked also to the rise of largely French intellectual post war thought, Sartre, Foucault, Derrida whose destructive nonsense has been so scathingly attacked by the conservative thinker Roger Scruton.

I had not realised until recently just how deep this decay has penetrated all of our institutions, from the Church to the universities
, to the media to politics and the police. Even the army is being feminised. And it has all happened in the space of my lifetime, much of it since 1997.

* those asterisks indicate the works that can be accessed and viewed in the usual way. They come with a strong warning.

For Charles

…if you get to know them closer, they are very kind and gentle; they never speak much because they never speak about themselves. They enjoy themselves like children, but with the most solemn, leathery expression; they have lots of ingrained etiquette, but at the same time they are as free and easy as young whelps. They are hard as flint, incapable of adapting themselves, conservative, loyal, rather shallow and always incommunicative; they cannot get out of their skin, but it is a solid, and in every respect excellent skin. You cannot speak to them without being invited to lunch or dinner; they are as hospitable as St. Julian, but they can never overstep the distance between man and man. Sometimes you have a sense of uneasiness at feeling so solitary in the midst of these kind and courteous people; but if you were a little boy, you would know that you could trust them more than yourself, and you would be free and respected here more than anywhere else in the world; the policeman would puff out his cheeks to make you laugh, an old gentleman would play at ball with you, and a white haired lady would lay aside her four hundred-page novel to gaze at you winsomely with her grey and still youthful eyes.

Karel Čapek (1925)

A Rough Idea About Socialism

Although definitions vary in some details, socialism is typically defined as a system of economic, social and political processes in which collective ownership or control over property, investment, and the means of production and distribution figure prominently. (1)

For our purposes, the term ‘collective’ denotes a centralised government, despite any idealised representations to the contrary.

Beyond this primarily economic definition, however, the modern socialist state is inevitably highly managerial, custodial and parental in its social policies.

A particular expression of this tendency is found in the term ‘therapeutic state,’ (2) a label emphasising the interventionist nature of so-called remedial programmes. Efforts of this kind use social workers to aid poor children in need of special education, socialisation and mental health care. In other areas, campaigns to achieve, say, redistribution of wealth and to equalise real or even merely perceived disparities in social and political status are associated with the modern socialist state.

Whether these campaigns call themselves socialist or not, policies advocated by the modern liberal agenda are fundamentally socialist in their effects. The Green Party, environmentalists, gun controllers etc.

Efforts to establish government control over ownership or management of major economic or social functions rank high on the liberal’s list of priorities. Oxymoronic ‘positive discrimination’ laws inject the agenda’s politics into employment decisions and university admission policies. A cradle to grave health care system remains probably the most important objective, and the ethics of political correctness and multiculturalism typify the agenda’s intrusion into individuals’ lives at all levels.

Rules affecting economic (e.g, sexual equality) and social conduct (e.g. dress codes or the lack thereof, terms of address) in the work place are now common. All of these interventions have been instituted in the name of a ‘collective good.’ All of these interventions are controlled by government officials. All are basically socialist in nature and in their location of control.

(1) The Liberal Mind; pp 27-28, Lyle H Rossiter MD, ISBN-13: 978-0977956319

(2) http://www.firstprinciplesjournal.com/articles.aspx?article=990

More Progressive Bias

How refreshing to hear Frank Gaffney wipe the floor with the so-called BBC’s Radio 4 Today’s John Humphreys (right?) at 08.10 this morning. He had a sound answer for everything this indignant libtard threw at him and must have had quite an effect on the large number of Deplorable Limeys like myself who are sick of the Corporation’s blatant left wing bias. It’s well worth replaying if you missed it. Continue reading

Where would the left be without a crisis?

note the obligatory child above

Where would the left be without a crisis?

“Save Aleppo’ runs the headline on the so-called BBC.

With only hours to go before Daesh are finally wiped out, are they suggesting there should be a cease-fire so what is left won’t be knocked down and a free pass for the terrorists can be negotiated?

Congratulations to Assad and Putin for doing more in a few weeks to crush these barbarians than the whole of the allied coalition could do in years.

If nothing else, the victors have demonstrated that only ruthless application and overwhelming force can succeed against islamic jihad, something the West lost the will for  long ago in their guilt games over Dresden and Hiroshima.

War crimes? I maintain the vast majority were actively and passively committed by the terror side in their use of human shields and the location of arms dumps in civilian areas The rest is the fog of war.

And now the caravan moves on. To Yemen.

Why can’t we afford public services…

without further increases in taxation?

A survey in today’s Independent on the public’s attitude to globalisation was simply a report on what people think. It has nothing to do with whether they are right or wrong. The result is simply a means of pushing a newspaper’s particular policy, and if going by some of the comments, not a particularly successful one either.

That there is a crisis in our public services is consistently blamed on an increasingly aged and aging population. That it has increased by many millions of immigrants together with  the strain it imposes is never admitted by the progressives. Because they are then faced with the problem of explaining, if immigration is so good for the economy, why can we no longer afford to pay for these services without massive tax increases?