Happy Hanukkah!

Or is it Chanukkah? The late Joe Slavko would have had an opinion. In this matter, an expert one. Shalom, Sala’am, baby, peace in the Holy Land. Is a two state solution a viable one?

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  1. You don’t need Joe Slavko when you have helpmaboab. The initial Ḥ is pronounced like the gh in Donaghadee.
    Two state ‘solution’ is just an intermediate step toward the Final Solution (© A. Hitler).


      • The 5th day of Hanukkah

        Recently a non Jew rebuked me. The reference repeatedly made by myself unto Goyim, offended him; he considered such language as racist. Comparable to the black racial reference “cracker”. The Goyim did not accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev. This refusal makes Goyim “strangers” or hagar — strange alien people to the chosen Cohen nation. Which term of reference reflects pardon? Goy or Ha’ger.

        Ha’ger Hagar
        ואיש איש מבני ישראל ומן הגר הגר בתוכם אשר יצוד ציד חיה או עוף אשר יאכל ושפך את דמו וכסהו בעפר
        Hagar betrayed the dignity and modesty of Sarah our mother. My response to that rebuke: the Hebrew for goy remembers “nation”. Zionism remembers “goy”. The shabbot minchah tefilla identifies Yaacov as “goy”; the Cohen goy chosen to walk through tohor middot. during social interactions, among and between bnai brit.

        Goy far preferrable than tumah Hagar…הגר הגר בתוכם? חנוכה יום חמש בחנוכה?
        Story or tale, the Torah does not limit itself to 3 physical dimensions. Both the 5th axium of Euclid’s geometry and the “scientific method” limit reality of the Gods to 3 physical diemensions – death.

        Moshe commands mussar to Israel on the day he passed from this earth: life or death, therefore choose life. Remember the Cohen chosen, first born. Only Israel accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev. Upon the יסוד of this Preamble let’s examine the opening second chapter, Mishna Shabbot and its relationship to the mitzva to light the Hanukkah lights.

        מסכת שבת פרק ב
        ב,א במה מדליקין, ובמה אין מדליקין: אין מדליקין לא בלכש, ולא בחוסן, ולא בכלך, ולא בפתילת האידן, ולא בפתילת המדבר, ולא בירוקה שעל פני המים. לא בזפת, ולא בשעווה, ולא בשמן קיק, ולא בשמן שריפה, ולא באליה, ולא בחלב. נחום המדי אומר, מדליקין בחלב מבושל; וחכמים אומרים, אחד מבושל ואחד שאינו מבושל, אין מדליקין בו.

        Tohor or Tuma middots\attributes who struggle – think Esau and Yaacov who struggled and fought a Civil War even while growing within the womb of רבקה אמנו. HaShem chooses the first born, birth order does not determine the first born. Cohen Israel … Chosen Nation\goy. The name goy, merits respect. Not so Hagar a stranger within bnai brit society. This distinction, the sages ruled in the favor the interpretation of “Hagar” as the hidden ערב רב within us.

        The Prosecution, בית שמאי versus בית הלל, the Defense. 2 of the Three Judges who sit as Judges on the Court. These two judges argue the Case before the third Judge of the Court. Lateral common law courtroom, none of the 3 Justices who hear and adjudicate cases, do not receive any State paid reimbursement for their public services.

        Contrast vertical courtrooms. Both the Judge(s) and the Prosecuting attorney, paid a State salary. The American revolutionary leaders organized a Rebellion against continued British rule over the American colonies. All the American colonies together united in alliance. At least till the explosion of the American Civil War.

        When King George, remember diplomacy, he rejected the American precondition,,, to remain part of the British Empire,,, King George rejected. Taxation without Representation — how the kingdoms of Germany, one and all, unilaterally imposed crushing, unjustifiable all by rules of law, criminal taxation – imposed only upon stateless refugee Jewish populations. Taxation without Representation offered two choices; when the Nazis marched Jews to death camps – they too employed the same type of torture. Life or Death – maybe the “jewish question”.

        The Xtian church continually debated that “jewish question”. Late in the war, the Pope surrendered all the jews of Rome to the SS. The defense of the Pope? or The prosecution of the Pope? The Allies, refused; they rejected the need to bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps,,, throughout the entire War.

        Not the place of this opinion to argue the case of the prosecution of the Pope. This judge argues for his Defense. Not fair to isolate the Pope like the church isolated their Jewish refugee populations. Without trial the church and secular European governments condemn Jews living in Western Europe to either flee to Eastern Europe or live within ghetto prisons. The defense therefore argues that the din of Hagar falls upon the Allied victors of the 2nd European and Russian Civil War during the 20th Century.

        Russia, subjugated under the feet of Stalin, fought and won that 2nd European Civil War.

        The 300 year Czarist regime of Autocracy lost the first European Civil War. Had Czar Nicolas not surrendered, [“Leader” de Gaulle likewise argued concerning France – despite the Vichi opposite], Russia would have ruled all of Ottoman Turkey… comparable to French “rule” over Lebanon and Syria; and British “mandate” over Iraq, Jordan, and Israel; as designated by the secret terms of the Sykes Pycot treaty.

        Balfour Declaration.

        The post First European Civil War established – League of Nations; established by the victor Allies — compare the post 2nd European Civil War established – the United Nations. The League of Nations honored the Balfour Declaration as the basis for awarding to the British, the British Mandate of Palestine: land that included both Jordan and Iraq.

        The British government separated Trans-Jordan from Palestine at the Jordan river. In 1950 all members except two nations refused to condemn the unilateral decision taken by the king of Jordan, to Nationalize the territories of Samaria and East Jerusalem within the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.
        [[[“”” Wiki-pedia: “Shiʿites in Arabia”. Encyclopædia Iranica. Retrieved 2019-08-29. The Zaydi denomination of the (Ḥasanid) Sharifian rulers of Mecca and the Imāmi-Shiʿi leanings of the (Ḥosaynid) emirs of Medina were well known to medieval Sunni and Shiʿi observers. This situation gradually changed under Mamluk rule. A number of Shiʿite and Sunnite sources hint at (alleged or real) sympathy for the Shiʿa among the Hāshemite (officially Sunni) families of the Ḥejāz, or at least some of their members””]]] .

        Yet the UN as a body of Nations has, especially since the Israeli victory in its 2nd War of Independence. \Europe 0 & 2, Israel 2 & 0/. Starting with UN Resolution 242, most UN member states reject the victory of Israel over the Arabs in 1967. Euopean Hager nations together with the Hager Russia empire, both demand that Israel must most certainly surrender its victory in June 1967; their final final solution.

        That World Peace hinges upon forcing Israel to (first) surrender the 2nd Israeli War of Independence. דיוק \The inference learned/ the EU share an alliance with Russia to destroy and uproot the Israeli victory 1948 Independence War. Both the EU and Russian governments share the identical strategic interest — on this single issue.

        This alliance, proved by the repeated UN condemnations, exposes the allies Strategic Interest hostility against the Jewish people as stands with the Independent State of Israel. These “Allies” ,,, What if a man like President Trump rejects EU and Russian hatred of an Independent Jewish nation within the Middle East. This suspicion stands not only upon the ashes of the Shoah; a leopard cannot change its spots any more that Cain can remove the mark of his curse. Over 3 years, even when proven wrong, the Democrats condemned President Trump as a Putin stooge. Slander. Character Assassination. Lies.

        Israeli strategic foreign policy interests? Define and know your Enemy. Subterfuge defines foreign relations. Discern between the feigned thrust and the actual attack, substance from blow up dummies. The army of Patton prior to the Normandy invasion. The Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa and also Turkey. NOT an easy choice. Israel has a long history with Persia. Should this Judge argue in favor of a Sunni tilt in Israeli priority relations? Y\N?

        Should Israel hope to restore the positive relationship enjoyed with Turkey prior to the current dictator. Turkey has a Sunni majority population. For Turkey to embrace Shiite, would it not provoke, which the current dictator encountered, a coo rebellion attempt made against the continued rule of the government under his leadership?

        The risks threaten disaster – applicable to both Y\N answers. The Cohen nation requires leadership. Leaders of our nation decide these issues – NOT Judges. Judges learn from the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin jurisdiction, limited only within the borders of the Cohen Republic of States.

        International issues fall outside the purview of the Justices of these lateral common law courtrooms. The determination which orders the set of priorities of strategic Israeli Foreign Policy, Judges of these Courts have absolutely no say in the matter.

        Who merits the name Goy? Who demerits the name Hagar? Which of the two has a ‘””good name”””? Does ‘fear of heaven’ mean ‘baal shem tov”? This judge emphatically defines a good name by baal shem tov. Which of the two possible names applies to Y\N? A Judge writes opinions, leaders decide which opinion they choose to heed. The Torah & NaCH repeatedly tell stories of choices different leaders of Yechuda and Israel made.

        Clearly the Torah blesses an oath blessing that Yechuda and Israel live by proper Divine brit blessing, when the leaders of the government obey and heed the council opinions voiced or expressed by prophets. All T’NaCH prophets command mussar – the command of HaShem for ever.

        The Chanukkah lights shine prophetic mussar, as does the reading of the Megillah of Ester, the Shabbat candles, and all the halachot learned from the T’NaCH Shas Siddur Midrash sealed masoret. The kabbala of Torah faith does not begin on the 10th Floor of medieval Jewish mysticism – known as Cabbalah.

        מאי חנוכה
        This sugia begins on דף כא,page 2. The Talmud forbids benefit from the Hanukkah lights, but not the odor of the burnt oil, the fuel for the lights. Hanukkah, a time of great joy. With this introduction, commit to דרוש … learn prophetic mussar and affix this prophet mussar to both a דאורייאת middah – affixed to a specific ברכה within the 13 middle blessings within the Shemone Esrei.

        The scholarship of both Aggadita and Midrashim making a דרוש back to the Torah and NaCH prophets. The mussar which these prophets command, the k’vanna פשט learned by both the Aggadic or Midrash Primary Source. This דרוש linkage, employs aggadic or midrashic stories to teach Prophetic mussar commandments.

        As the precedent halachot define the legal mandate of each and and every Mishna, so too and how much more so, the defined Prophetic mussar commandments determine the k’vanna of all halachot precedents which define the scope of all Mishnaic rulings which Rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna makes. Herein defines the chariot mysticism of Rabbi Akiva, his warp: פרדס definition for the Torah sh’Baal Peh.

        Positive time oriented commandments “fulfilled” primarily and decisively through the dedication of defined tohor middot affixed to specific blessings within the language of the Shemone Esrei.

        The Siddur stands upon the “loom”, weft kabbalah recognized as מעשה בראשית. The act of new Creation stands as the יסוד of Joyfull avodat HaShem – obeying the prophetic mussar commandments of the prophets. Defining a mussar commandment requires פרדס. This and that kabbala, these opposing stands, they weave the fabric of Torah faith.

        Parech אחרי מות פרק יז:א – טז, what prophetic mussar does it command? Just as the codification of the Oral Torah stands upon the יסוד which requires comparison of a legal case to precedent court ruling made prior to the current case before the Court; in like and equal manner to interpret the mussar commandment of the Torah requires learning the Torah based upon comparing the mussar commandments of a specific NaCH prophet.

        This judge interprets this Parech of Torah to define the halachot: making blessings before eating a meal as equal to the obligation to make an after meal blessing, learned from the דאורייתא commandment concerning bread eaten as a meal. The Talmud opens with ברכות as the Torah starts with בראשית.

        The kabbalah of learning, this discipline entails comparing the case of the Torah to a similar case or cases within the mussar of the NaCH prophets. This prophetic mussar defines the פשט of either Aggaditah or Midrashic primary sources.

        What distinguishes Aggaditah scholarship from Midrashic scholarship? Aggaditah affixes prophetic mussar commandments unto a designated Mishna. Midrash affixes Midrashic stories\פשט, made affixed to a specific designated ברכה within the Shemone Esrei tefillah.

        The warp\weft פרדס\מעשה בראשית kabbalot raise prophetic mussar unto Torah commandments; this discipline requires learning by way of precedents. The sh’itta of the study of both Talmud and T’NaCH literature —– one shitta. Comparable to the word One, in the opening p’suk\verse of the mitzva of kre’a shma. Hear Israel Halacha Aggaditah Tefilla – ONE. The Torah commandment to sanctify the נעשה ונשמע oath, by which Cohen Israel accepted the revelation of the Written Torah at Sinai and the Oral Torah at Horev. The יסוד commandment that unites in קידושין this and that לשמה – the 1st Commandment at Sinai. לשם טהור מידות.

        Both tohor and tuma middot, they shape how a person socially behaves and interacts with the allied cohen people of the Chosen first-born Republic,,, shalom or hatred, honor or disgrace, life or death. Avodat HaShem, expressed through the Torah commandment of tefilla, dedicates as holy to HaShem, through making sworn blessings, tohor middot. The defined mitzva of Moshiach/from the Torah\; tefilla calls upon HaShem to judge the God(s) worshiped by the Yatzir HaRah. Upon this brit, Yehoshua lead the invasion of Canaan. The order of Rashi tefillen, based upon the sworn oath Israel cut a brit alliance with HaShem at Gilgal. Herein defines the k’vanna of HaShem commanding Moshe to bring Israel out of Egypt.

        The minor prophet עמוס ה:ד – כז compares and learns the mussar commandment ויקרא פרק יז:א – טז. The mussar commandment, failure to bless our people (A “how much more so” logical argument. If the Torah commands to bless before and after eating a meal, how much more so, a Torah obligation to bless our people before and after legal disputes and conflicts of interest).

        Yosef failed to bless his brothers before he died, and Israel experienced the Torah curse of g’lut; Moshe blessed the 12 Tribes of the nation before he passed from this World, and Yehoshua brought Israel and conquered Canaanite kings.

        This prophetic mussar affixes to the Neshama of the Rosh HaShanna judgment – the blessing:
        סלח לנו אבינו כי חטאנו, מחל לנו מלכנו כי פשענו, כי אל טוב וסלח אתה. ברוך אתה ה’ חנון המרבה לסלח.
        Blessing our people defines the mitzva of סלחה. As long as we eat food, Israel has the Torah obligation to bless our people. We bless our people, and even if confronted by Giants during war, Israel prevails victorious – as happened in both 1948 and 1967. HaShem separates the Cohen nation from all other Goyim through the Cohen blessing of our people. The Cohen blessing learns from the Torah obligation to bless food before and after consumption.

        The spirituality of Goyim religions places a lower priority obligation of Goyim blessing Goyim, starting with the negative commandment not to curse the leaders of ones’ people. Goyim societies openly curse and despise the leaders of their people. Like did the Pelosi Democrats curse President Trump, #45. Herein defines the mussar of עמוס as the פשט of the ילקוט שמעוני midrash on this 3 sugiot making up ה:ד -כז.

        Prophets command mussar. Torat Moshe commands all generations of bnai brit Israel to listen and obey prophetic mussar while living and ruling the oath sworn lands. Herein defines the k’vanna of the mitzva דאורייתא to light the Hanukkah lights. Noach cursed Ham. Therefore the Torah obligation to pursue graciousness and pardon our people – the expression of a good eye and good heart. The halachot of Hanukkah learned by the Gemara on this opening Mishna of the 2nd chapter of Shabbot, the dedication of these halachot affixed to the 3rd blessing of סלח לנו, achieve raising them to positive time oriented commandments from the Torah לשמה.

        As a summation, the learning how to raise rabbinic commandments to positive time oriented commandments from the Torah. Torat Moshe compares eating meats not slaughtered in front of the altar, dedicated to HaShem, unto blood shed. Torat Moshe – eating living blood דאורייתא carries the din of כרת.

        Jump to the halachic commandment to make a blessing over (before and after eating) foods. Hanukkah remembers the Jewish Civil Wars fought between the P’rushim and the Tzeddukim assimilated care taker 2% fabulously rich Jews who manage the wealth of the banana republic for the benefit of the colonial over lords.

        After defeating the Syrian Greeks, the Hashmonaim kings broke their alliance with the P’rushim and cut an alliance with the Hagar T’zeddukim assimilated Jews. This betrayal by the Hashmonaim kings provoked a huge Civil War which defined the Hashmonaim kingdom throughout its blood shed history ruling over the Jewish people as an Independent nation. Therefore the mussar of סלח לנו teaches that to bless a pardon to our People directly compares to making blessings over foods, before and after eating – that rabbinic commandment learns from the Torah prohibition of murder and not eating blood and the mussar obligation to סלח לנו to our people.


          • Having an interesting conversation with a Catholic woman who believes in the virgin birth of Jesus son of Zeus.

            Translating words from language to language … the new language does not define the terms translated from the previous language. For example: ברית translated as “covenant”. Wrong. ברית means an “oath alliance”. For example the “United States”, Hebrew employs ברית, “the alliance among the States”. Lincoln held that the States having once joined the alliance could not thereafter leave that alliance. To cut\כרת a ברית\alliance requires swearing an oath in the Name of HaShem! Covenant does not mean ברית. Why? Because the Xtian bible translations never, not even once, does any Xtian translation of their bibles, ever bring the Name revealed in the 1st commandment!

            The Xtian translators of the Bible, they “translated” the Name revealed in the 1st commandment at Sinai. As did the elder brother of Moshe. Aaron translated the Spirit Name of HaShem unto a word אלהים\Gods. The Xtian translations of their bibles made the exact same error of judgment. Just as the Golden Calf defines avodah zarah – mistranslated into the word “idolatry”. Avodah zarah literally means “strange worship”. This term refers to the avodah zarah practiced by Par’o and Egypt. Hence the 1st commandment “I am HaShem(the Name: no word can pronounce the Name with human lips. All attempts to convert the Name into words: Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Allah etc etc etc duplicates to an exact tee the error of the golden calf avodah zarah), who brought you out of Egypt.

            ישעיה ז:יד translated as Isaiah 7:14. The Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verse like as does the bible translations. Rather sugiot, translated as “subchapters”. העלמה הרה וילדת בן a pregnant young girl shall birth a son. The Gemarah of Sanhedrin mocks the pathetic biblical translation of עלמה into “virgin girl”. Jewish culture and customs during those times, a father could marry his young daughter without asking her consent till she reached the age of 12 1/2 years. The 6 month period before she reached the age of 13 years, the father could marry off his daughter – with her consent. After the girl reached the age of 13, the father could not marry off his daughter with or without her consent. The Talmud, specifically the Gemara of קידושין\kiddushin/ refers to a young woman, 13, above age by which a father could unilaterally marry her off, by the name בוגרת\bogeret.

            עלמה refers to a “marriageable girl”. עלמא means “world”. The Gemarah of Sanhedrin mocks the new testament error of translation. It writes: אמסר עלמא בידא דטפשאי\translated as: “the world was handed over to fools”. The Hebrew language has a mathematical precision to it. [[[“”” In the ancient understanding, a young girl was either a virgin or a slut. “””]]]. No. Wrong again. A married woman who got herself pregnant from another man other than her husband, the child produced the Torah calls a mamzer. Even to the 10th generation that child excluded from the Jewish community. Greek mythology Zeus came as a bull and seduced the Phoenician princess, Europa. Greek culture permitted beastiality and homosexuality, and adultery.

            Torah law refers to all three, as an abomination, worthy of the death penalty. So no. The Greek translation to virgin — just a bad translation. Oral Torah logic does not permit cherry picking “verses” out of the surrounding contexts of their sugia\sub-chapter. The Gospel and new testament letters of Paul and others, define their obtuse theologies by means of cherry picking verses and taking them completely out of their original contexts. Its most probably for this reason the biblical translators expunged the T’NaCH Order of sugiot, and replaced it with the alien Order of chapters and verses.

            The study of T’NaCH and Talmud follows the identical set of Oral Torah rules. These Oral Torah rules of logic, the church totally denies. Hence when the Muslims invaded and conquered Spain during the latter days of the Dark Ages, the rediscovery of the ancient Greek philosophies, specifically the writings of Plato and Aristotle took Xtian Europe by storm. The church embraced the discovery of ancient Greek logic and this rediscovery opened the gates unto the renaissance of the church and Xtian Europe.

            Jewish culture and customs, which predated the new testament by more than 150 years, known as the Maccabean revolt 167-160 BCE, commemorates the Jewish festival of Hanukkah – the festival of lights. Jews light the lights of Hanukkah to this very day! What do these lights represent? The dedication of the Will of the Jewish people to never interpret the Written Torah with any other logic system format other than the Oral Torah which Moshe the prophet heard directly from HaShem at Horev – 40 days after the tumah of the golden calf. The Yom Tov of Chag Yoma, translated as Yom Kippur/the Day of Atonement sanctifies the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which the prophet Moshe heard directly from HaShem.

            .ה’ ה’ אל רחום וחנון ארך אפים ורב חסד ואמת נוצר חסד לאלפים נושא עון ופשע וחטאה ונקה לא ינקה (שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז)

            Translated as (Exodus 34: 6,7). The revelation of these 13 middot\attributes defines the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev. This logic format revealed to Moshe to permit him and all generations after him to interpret the Written Torah revelation of the first 2 Commandments, the revelation of these two commandments, defines the Written Torah revelation at Sinai.

            What about the 10 commandments? The Torah compares directly with the Talmud. Both texts highly edited. The Mishna represents the most authoritative codification of Jewish Oral law. What confuses Goyim alien outsiders who know nothing of Jewish culture and customs, they confuse law with logic. The Mishna writes in a Case\Rule Common law style. British courts likewise base their legal system upon “common law”. Common law stands upon precedents. This brings us to the Gemarah commentary made upon the Mishna. The Gemarah learns the Case\Rule Mishnaic common law by way of bringing halachic precedents from other sources. The Mishna has 6 Primary Orders. The Gemara brings precedents from any of these 6 Orders, which either the Mishna or the Gemarah address.

            This discipline of learning Jewish law, it likewise equally applies to the study of T’NaCH Primary sources of literature. Clearly the T’NaCH predates the writings of both the Mishna (written about 210 CE and the Gemarah sealed by rabbis Ashey and Ravina in about 450 CE) [CE – common era]. For obvious reasons Jews do not date history through the Goyim BC\AC none sense. The Roman\Greek myth of Jesus son of Zeus, Jews have rejected for more than 2000 years.

            The sugia which contains your ‘virgin birth’ stupidity none sense: translated as Isaiah 7:10 -17. To repeat: the Hebrew T’NaCH has nor employs chapters and verses. Just as the Oral Torah logic codifications of Mishna & Gemarah, known as the Talmud, strictly relies upon precedents, so too does the study of T’NaCH sugiot, stritly rely upon precedents. This discipline of learning defines Jewish scholarship made upon both T’NaCH and Talmudic primary sources.

            דיני נפשות translated as Capital Crimes cases, all learn from the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. By the commandment of Moshe the prophet, to try any and all Capital Crimes cases, requires at least two witnesses or perhaps three witnesses, but never only one witness. Monetary cases, Torts Courts as opposed to the Sanhedrin Courtrooms, they can make a judicial ruling by relying on the evidence given by one witness. But in all cases where a man stands trial for his life, the Sanhedrin courts only judge the case if 2 or more witnesses testify.

            Faith qualifies as דיני נפשות. Therefore to learn the k’vanna, translated as intent, of this sugia which Goyim translators have so perverted and mauled in order to “prove” their virgin birth none sense stupidity — this obligates me to bring two precedents from the Book of Isaiah by which to grasp a depth interpretation\understanding (The Talmud defines בינה translated as “understanding” as the skill which can discern like from like) of the questioned sugia of Isaiah.

            First precedent: Isaiah 26:11 – 15. Torah logic learns through classic comparison and contrast as does the study of all literature. The attributes\middot of your sugia compares to the middot\attributes of this sugia. Specific vs. general. Your sugia makes direct mention of the horrors of war, the destruction of g’lut\exile brought by Assyria. This sugia testifies that whereas the Assyrian king mocked HaShem as G-d, the people of the kingdom of Yechuda cling to doing mitzvot לשמה. Translated as we worship the revelation of the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai. Hence the avodah zarah of translating the Spirit Name unto words.

            Second precedent: Isaiah 28:14 – 22. This precedent contains two sugiot. The first 28: 14, 15. This sugia describes Jews who have abandoned faith in HaShem. They compare to the Assyrian king who mocked HaShem as the oath sworn brit G-d. The 2nd sugia teaches a mussar of g’lut. Through g’lut\exile, HaShem sifts and purifies the chosen Cohen bnai brit people. This sugia stands upon the foundation of the oath brit sworn at the brit cut between the pieces wherein HaShem first cut a brit with Avram. There HaShem informed Avram (Avram had no children at that time), his future born seed would go into g’lut\exile. And from there HaShem would bring them out and unto the oath sworn lands. HaShem brought Israel out of Egypt. HaShem revealed the revelation of the Torah at both Sinai and Horev. All Jewish faith stands upon this oath brit foundation. The first word of the Torah בראשית contains ברית אש. Fire\אש refers to the oath sworn at the brit cut between the opposing Yatzirot, commonly referred to as the brit between the pieces.


            • Todah rabah. Parenthogenesis is an interesting concept and split the early church. Suggest you look at the Qu’ran and the section of “Maryam” Mother of Issa (QSSSL).


            • Greetings Goggins, thank you kindly for responding.

              Parthenogenesis occurs naturally in some plants, some invertebrate animal species (including nematodes, some tardigrades, water fleas, some scorpions, aphids, some mites, some bees, some Phasmatodea and parasitic wasps) and a few vertebrates (such as some fish, amphibians, reptiles, and very rarely birds. Never in higher mammals. This type of reproduction has been induced artificially in a few species including fish and amphibians.

              The Koran, an Arabic spirituality, just as foreign and alien to me as the new testament.


            • Pam Larson. Knowing (a diety) through His Word … Day by Day. December 23 Zechariah (chapters) 6-9@wordpress.com

              The minor prophets, due to the limitations of their subject matter, should intermix with the larger Books of the Prophets by which to learn a precedent. The study of the Torah and Talmud, both learn by means of precedents. This most essential discipline, the Gospel foreign authors did not know nor understand. The Book of זכריה, the closest precedent to ו:ט-טו, the sugia ח:ט-יט. There the prophet concludes והאמת והשלום אהבו\and the truth and shalom loved. The mussar whereby this precedent learns your quoted sugia – emphasis and priority placed upon tohor social interactions rather than buildings constructed of wood and stone.

              This 2nd Temple prophet compares to the Book of Kings, which likewise addresses the subject of constructing the Temple in Jerusalem. A precedent comparative sugia מלכים א ט:א-יג. The construction of the Temple built to serve as evidence for the revelation of the opening 1st two Commandments at Sinai. Blessing and curse. The construction of the Temple upon Zion compares to the brit melah\circumcision – a sign of the brit.

              You employ PEACE as a noun. But שלום in fact exists as a verb. Shalom cannot exist without trust. The brit faith always and forever stands upon the life\death — blessing\curse — path of faith. Faith too exists as a verb rather than a noun. Faith requires taking responsibility for the blessing\curse oath brit faith. The mitzva of kre’a shma, this Torah commandment defines the k’vanna of love. Kre’a shma said in the evening and morning tefillot. The evening tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah curses. The morning tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah blessings. Love which fails to embrace “responsibility” for both the good and the evil — not love.

              Which Torah oath brit does acceptance of the yoke of heaven stand upon as the יסוד\foundation of faith? (This same question equally applies to all rabbinic mitzvot, chief of which the rabbinic mitzva of the prophet Shmuel\Samuel anointing David as moshiach.) Answer, concerning the construction of the Temple: HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the pieces (משל); HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the tohor Yatzir and tumah Yatzir (נמשל). The (Temple/house of tefillah), tefillah a mitzvah of the heart. The k’vannah of tefillah – a positive time oriented Torah commandment; this 3rd division of the 613 commandments requires k’vanna. Specifically: to remember t’shuvah made upon tumah social interactions … and the t’shuvah made upon tohor social interactions. The former results in the curse of Civil War. Whereas the latter produces the trust required for the people of Israel to live in peace and harmony together as a people … despite our internal conflicts of interests and contentions, within the borders of the oath sworn lands.


            • Ryan Moody Understanding Scripture Examining Sola Fide@wordpress.com Sep 1, 2021
              [[[“””Habakkuk’s famous statement “but the just shall live by his faith [‘ĕmûnȃ 530]” (Hab 2:4), isn’t about faith but faithfulness as rendered correctly in some versions, “but the person of integrity will live because of his faithfulness” (NET), “but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness” (NIV). The Hebrew noun ‘ĕmûnȃ appears about 50 times in the Old Testament and without exception, expresses faithfulness.”””]]]

              My response:

              No incorrect. The biblical translators destroyed the Order of sugiot\paragraphs\sub chapters/ of all the T’NaCH Books!!! T’NaCH does not employ chapters and verses as does all the Xtian Bible bad translations. Cherry picking a verse – taken totally out of its sugia contexts = propaganda on the order of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany. Ewwwwwwwww.

              Each and every sugia within the T’NaCH teaches mussar. Mussar – defined as a prophetic commandment(s). The Way to interpret the T’NaCH, according to the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev, you have to learn by means of precedents. Torah law learned from both the T’NaCH and Talmud functions by means of Common Law. Meaning you have to compare similar sugiot within a Book or with other Books of the Prophets. A minor prophet, due to the brevity of those Books, traditionally learns together with the Book of Kings. A comparative sugia precedent מלכים ב יד:ח-טז. Kings 2 14:8-16.

              The mussar commandment taught by חבקוק which you cherry picked the p’suk\verse [[[“”” “but the just shall live by his faith” (Hab 2:4)”””]]], now has achieved clarity.

              Frank Hubenymosckerr

              I would agree with Ryan Moody that what Habakkuk 2:4 means is “fidelity” or “faithfulness”, not faith. However, I think you disagree with this but I don’t understand why. What does אֱמוּנָה mean in this context for you?

              However, I do agree with you that one needs to learn through precedents.

              mosckerrFrank Hubeny I does not fit into the equation. The opening sugia מלכים ב יד:א-ז teaches
              ויעש הישר בעיני השם … רק לא כדוד אביוThe standard of faithfulness the prophet learns from king David. The Book of kings compares the faith of the kings to the standards set by king David. Jesus son of Zeus, that Pagan diety — never a king of the Jewish people.


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