China and Taiwan

Is it really anyone else’s business if Peking wishes to go into its own backyard? Splitism is anathema to China and American tub thumping is not helping matters. Xie Xie.

5 thoughts on “China and Taiwan

  1. Politics is a game which China plays. Sure it would like to clean up its own back yard but, seriously, it plays the game just as much as any other nation. Splitism is playing with words.
    Kettle, Pot, Black.

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  2. or, to quote the Global Times (which rarely strays from the Chinese Communist Party line)
    “China and Russia should unite different forces to humiliate the US over the Lithuania issue and the Taiwan question, generating a new, universally comprehensible ‘Afghan effect’ in different forms…. Washington’s arms are way too long. So Beijing and Moscow should cut them short in places where Washington shows its arrogance and parades its abilities.”
    In effect: Biden is no longer in the business of protecting allies, so what else might fall? Which is better, a Western state with the big stick or a volatile mix of regional hegemons?

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    • Lithuania is merely a flash in the pan. Or wok. As to Afghanistan, far more interesting. There is a short border between China and Afghanistan. Peking and the Kremlin have worked out the old adage “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”.


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