Plod pay poorly

Rees and Others versus the Metropolitan Police ended yesterday with a crushing defeat for New Scotland Yard. However, even after being proven to have framed three innocent men, Cressida Dick’s lot are costing the taxpayer even more, by sending the case to the Supreme Court (as if they would overturn legal mavens LLJ McCombe, King and Coulson’s ruling). Why no arrests yet? Sooty rattled.

Rees & Ors. v MPC (Final) 05.07.2018


2 thoughts on “Plod pay poorly

  1. I read the judgments in the Court of Appeal.

    I find it difficult to understand how their Lordships got it wrong. But I suppose we must wait for the Supreme Court to deliberate. Presumably the Met’s argument will be that, if a corrupt police officer mucks around with the evidence to try to procure a conviction because he honestly believes the defendant to be guilty, he should not be found to have been malicious. I tend to agree with the Court of Appeal, though I know I am disagreeing with Mr Justice Mitting, that the public would be horrified if that turned out to be the law.


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    • Dear Mr U, an exclusive for this site. It appears that the Supreme Court are not going to deliberate. No grounds as Mr Rees and the Vians were bang to rights. “Noble cause” arrests played a part at The Met. However, as Old Bill are so reticent in nicking the criminal boys in blue it seems that arrests may be made shortly via another method.


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