A layman’s view of the state of the law

Scribbled as a comment on Breitbart an hour ago. As so often happens with me, what began as a brief couple of lines, just ‘growed.’ I just though thought the Bulletin was the place to express these opinions.

‘Our country’s institutions are beginning to crumble. The law is a case in point.

‘Firstly, this automatic halving of sentences for good behaviour must be scrapped. Sentences should mean what they say. Offenders marked for deportation must not be released into the general population at the end of their sentences but placed in a holding camp until they are escorted to a plane and remain in custody to their destination.

‘Secondly the public demand meaningful sentences for crimes such as murder, rape and assault. As for lesser crimes, the New York experience shows that ignoring minor infractions leads to an increase in more serious crime. Zero tolerance must mean just that. Bring back respect for the law, all law.

‘Thirdly there must be an end to this dual system of sentencing where immigrants and specifically muslims, plead cultural differences in mitigation. Migrants DO NOT bring their own laws, of lack of, with them.

‘If I had been home secretary back in 2010 when May assumed that position, I would have implemented these proposals in my first six months and then resigned . I would have gone down in political history as the best Home Secretary since Robert Peel. And the cheapest’


7 thoughts on “A layman’s view of the state of the law

  1. Two disagreements, firstly, sentencing. In Victorian times a “ticket” was given if a prisoner behaved and he was then let out on licence. Secondly, the Muslims are not the issue, Jamaicans worse.


  2. Excellent post Badger and totally in keeping with my own views.
    The conduct of the law in countless instances lately has been a thorough disgrace. Frankly, I am greatly perturbed by what is going on and fearful for the future of my country
    In addition to the conduct of the law in recent times, we have seen these ridiculous incidents of the attacks upon freedom of speech. People who have actually not yet said anything are turned away from our borders. The case of the two leaders of Britain First is a breathtaking abuse of our basic rights. If it doesn’t lead to the opposite general reaction expected by the dumb authorities, I shall be very surprised.

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