Burnley go Sixth

Burnley entered the top six in the Premier League for the first time (in a substantive sense). The last time they were so high up English football rankings was over 40 years ago, in the old Division One. The years that followed saw the club drop down the divisions until it was on its knees, struggling to survive in professional football. The tale of the Orient game is well known to supporters, but the long haul back up the divisions took the best part of three decades. We know it’ll be a struggle even just to stay in the top division but we’re here and nothing can take away the joy of 6th – unless we go to 5th!!

In memory of 6th:



3 thoughts on “Burnley go Sixth

  1. 15 points to go and we’re virtually safe from the drop. We’ve spent so many seasons touring the lower leagues, we’ve forgotten what it looks like at the top and are used to fairy-tales with a sting. Long may Dyche reign – at least to the end of the season (pretty please).

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  2. A northern Leicester? I like Liverpool (due to 96 being murdered by South Yorkshi*r Plod) Crystal Palace (don’t ask) West Brom (began well, now…not so well) and a few other teams. So’ton. Championship of course Sheffield Utd. League One? Bury. Oldham.


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