So what are the Tories up to?

Chief whip fired for uttering “N in the woodpile”? Thing is why sack Morris for going on about naggers? Is mulatto to be banned next?



4 thoughts on “So what are the Tories up to?

  1. “Announcing the suspension, Theresa May said she was “shocked” by the “completely unacceptable” language.”

    Oh dear, I think the world has gone quite mad. It’s really all a bit of an over-reaction.

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  2. At a time like this, when there are strong signs of reaction to excessive PC, this Tory act is deeply depressing and the comment from Super Saint Theresa is cause for taking an overdose.
    I despair of my favoured party. They seem to have a death-wish. Why are all the brain-dead on the front benches and the intelligence at the back? With that dolt Corbyn in Opposition, the Tories have rarely had such an open goal. What on earth do they think they are doing?


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