Very Tiny Tim

I used to be a red-meat-loving angry and intolerant atheist, whose favourite pastime – when not sucking marrow from the bones of dead babies – was munching on pork scratchings and slurping them down with a cold pint of chicken blood.

Things have changed.

Tim Farron has resigned. This seems to me to be evidence for the existence of God, and an answer – finally! – to the ‘problem of evil’.

Why does God allow evil to exist in the world when he has the power to do something about it? Well, now it seems God has finally taken action to reduce the evil in the world by removing Tim Farron from politics.

God’s had enough.

The Farron creature is an arch cynic. The sickly emotionalism he used when talking about ‘Brexit’ – all that ‘I’ll be able to look my children in the eye’ nonsense is worrying. What kind of character talks like that?

Did this down-to-earth-ordinary-bloke-from-oop-nurth publicy feed his children baguettes and frankfurters?

Tim Farron lied about his views on homosexuality. When asked if he thought homosexuality was a sin he chose not to answer and lied days later when pressed. If he had genuine religious convictions, wouldn’t he stand by them? Why didn’t he derive strength from his ‘faith’ and say what he truly thought?

Let me put it this way. What would Douglas Wilson – a genuine Christian and serious person – have said?

We already know.

Andrew Sullivan asked him during their debate on same-sex marriage what he’d say if his son said he was gay. He stated the biblical position. Homosexual orientation isn’t a sin: homosexual acts are sins. Why didn’t Farron know this?

If he had known this he could have responded to the question emphatically enough to close the situation down before it got going. It was his fake-faith – which politicians use because many people are still stupid enough to think having ‘faith’ is an automatic sign of goodness – which let him down.

These small matters are quite revealing: they are imperfections in the paintwork which show the rot and rust underneath the polished surface.

If his party had won a shedload of seats do you think Mr Faithful would be stepping down? Tim Farron is the shallowest of the lot. His putrid resignation speech is another lie. He’s going because he’s got no chance in British politics now everyone knows this “liberal” – what a sick joke – thinks homosexuality is a “sin” and he’s the most iliberal of the lot.

Tim Farron is equal parts toad and clown.

Good riddance to disgusting political rubbish.

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9 thoughts on “Very Tiny Tim

    • There will be no decent party. Farron needs to be put into context. Something I’m not seeing here, so thought I drop a quick post.

      The man believes that a human characteristic, which occurs elsewhere in nature, and is caused by a person’s genetics – just as their eye-colour is – is a “sin” – an actual CRIME against laws dictated by a supernatural being who lives in another dimension.

      If he was motivated by anything other than “God” he’d be a national laughing stock. Alas, too many of us can’t see past the old “I’m a man of faith” gag.


        • Here’s the thing.

          Christians get a lot of stick for what their religion says about homosexuality, so why wasn’t Farron aware that a Christian – even a serious, bible-believing one – can happily NOT consider homsexuality a sin? Why hasn’t he heard this before?

          Why didn’t he immediately say when questioned ‘Homosexuality a sin? What a STUPID question!’ Doing this would have shut down the questioning and he wouldn’t have been forced to chuck his religious principles out the window by lying about his views a few days later.

          Could it be he isn’t really that Christian?


      • “laws dictated by a supernatural being who lives in another dimension. ”

        Shouldn’t you be using expressions like ‘sky pixie’ and ‘invisible friend’?


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