Are we a Bit Calmer?

What an awful lot of nonsense has been churned out since Friday. And some of it is still going on. The journalist, naturally, wants everything to be a drama. The Labour Party, naturally, wants to portray its million vote deficit as a victory, not a loss. The two combined have led to fantastically ludicrous stories on the telly and the wireless and in the newspapers. And it goes without saying that the users of social media have been valiantly defending their reputation for living in a parallel universe.

A large part of the media has swallowed the Labour theory that that party won the election. Hence all the stories about Mr Corbyn being poised to defeat the Queen’s Speech and rush to the rescue of the country by agreeing to form a government. The fact that Labour, with 56 fewer seats than the Conservatives, could not possibly command the support of the House of Commons, even with the help of every other minority party other than the DUP, is conveniently overlooked. It’s the “story” that’s important, not the boring old truth.

But I suspect even the journalists must be about to come down to earth (the social media users never will). Some of their stories are already beginning to accept reality and to concede that it would be impossible for Labour to form a government. That leads them on to their next big hope, that we will have to have another election. This is to be achieved by shaming the Conservatives into accepting that it would be evil to allow frightful protestants from Northern Ireland to keep the government in place. “Crikey,”scream the journalists with one voice, “the DUP don’t like abortion and are opposed to homosexual marriage, how could any respectable modern political party allow people like that to support it?”

Again, reality plays no part in the arguments. The fact that there is simply no prospect of the DUP being able to impose its objections to homosexual marriage and abortion on Great Britain must be ignored (as must be the fact that Catholics are not well known for their adoration of abortion and same sex marriage). Otherwise the “story” doesn’t have legs. Anyway, say the demented journalists, the “people”, meaning all those weird social media users, are signing petitions saying they hate all Northern Irish protestants. Surely, Mrs May will have to give in to popular opinion and inform the DUP that she won’t allow its members to vote for her Queen’s Speech.

Oh what a nonsense. Is it not extraordinary how stupid allegedly intelligent people can be?

What will Mrs May have to give to the DUP to ensure its continued support? Importantly, the DUP will insist on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic remaining open. That is something which all Northern Irish parties want. It is also something which Labour and the Lib Dems want. Apart from that, the DUP will expect more taxpayers money to be directed to Northern Ireland. Again, that is something all the other Northern Irish parties want. And Labour, with its love of excessive public expenditure, will hardly object. There really is nothing else.

Once the journalists have to accept that the Tories are not evil for allowing the DUP to vote for their policies another story will have to be found. That, I predict, will be that a handful of rather stupid Tory MPs will demand a leadership election. The story will be true (it would be impossible to devise a system for election to the House of Commons which would ensure that all MPs were sane). But nothing will come of it.

In time we will all calm down. The Queen’s government will continue. But, of course, the social media users will, as they always will, continue to spout their nonsense.



12 thoughts on “Are we a Bit Calmer?

  1. Last year the Tories faced a crisis when David Cameron stepped down as prime minister unexpectedly. In the ensuing chaos, the party decided to support a known quantity who, while perhaps not the most inspirational, was widely seen as a safe pair of hands. What has been forgotten in recent weeks is that Theresa May is a good parliamentarian and does her job fairly well. She is a terrible campaigner and she made many errors, errors that she is unlikely to repeat. Corbyn was a terrible leader of the parliamentary Labour party. There is a reason why they were so eager to prevent him from taking power and then eager to topple him. He is a brilliant campaigner, but a rubbish parliamentarian. He will, of course, lead a stronger opposition than he has in the past and he might even be an effective opposition leader for once. What should not be forgotten, however, is that Corbyn is at grave risk for committing May’s mortal sin: that of hubris. The Labour party are rather too confident despite their mediocre showing. That they are currently enjoying a lead in the polls is entirely irrelevant. After all, six weeks ago the Tories were 20 points ahead of them and that collapsed quickly.

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      • If anything, I suspect that May will step down before the end of this Parliament. She looks exhausted. She is stubborn, but she’s not a fool. Serious challengers to her position are not interested in destabilising this Parliament, especially with Brexit negotiations under way. If she is pushed out, it would be done behind closed doors.


        • She is almost certain to step down between the end of the Brexit negotiations and the next election. She must have learnt that she is not a great election campaigner.



          • At this point, no one really wants to take over the negotiations. May is briefed and up with the details. The EU would have preferred to have this process start nearly a year ago and are not eager to have to change partners more than necessary, either. We’ll probably see the next prime minister emerging gradually. That is, taking over more official responsibilities and filling in for the PM with increased regularity. Labour, of course, have ample opportunities to hang themselves.


  2. I suspect the argument would be that the combined Labour, Lib-dem, Green, and SNP vote was rather larger than the Conservative vote and that that proves a clear desire for progressive government which is being thwarted by the ‘evil alliance’.

    Hence Corbyn is preparing his own Queen’s Speech in the event of the Tories’ speech failing. I doubt the Tories’ speech will fail but by going through the motions Corbyn is in effect continuing to campaign.

    While it may be true that an awful lot of the users of social media appear to live in a parallel universe, they also live in the real universe where they vote. It’s true that they may not vote for a while, but they will eventually vote. If Labour have any sense they will continue to campaign on social media (where campaigning is cheap) and continue to portray the Conservative government as illegitimate. It would be sensible because, even if the Conservatives followed them, the young, who are much greater users of social media than older generations, lean towards Labour. It would also be sensible via social media to politicise potential voters in the 13-18 bracket who will all be eligible to vote within the next 5 years.

    That said, those who get their news from the right-wing media also live in a parallel universe.


  3. Good blog Charles, one of your best. The shrieking lefties really are becoming a bore and I hope we can look forward to a period of clam and relative normality.

    The failure of the socialists to accept the result is a direct parallel with the Brexit outcome – and the Remoaners are still at it. This denial of democracy is extraordinary, except of course, when one takes into account the manic self-assurance of the Left. In my view, it has always been a marked difference between the left and right. The left are intransigent, whereas the right are prepared to discuss it.

    It’s a smug, arrogant self assertion which I find repugnant. You can hear it every morning on BBC Radio 4, particularly in the guise of Justin Webb and the Today team.

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