On Buddhism, forgiveness, Islam and racism.

Araminta (who is pretty much the sites Mum) wrote about forgiveness. Just as I was lacing up my running shoes and about to head out into a windy afternoon I had some pensees.

One deals with a white journalist who went to interview a black woman in Harlem, late 60’s or early 1970’s. Her son had been murdered by NYPD. She gave an eloquent account of police cover ups. He ended the recording, stood up, and went to shake her hand. She glared at him. “My son was killed by a white, since that day I vowed never to touch another honky again”.

The Buddha teaches not to hate. The Buddha never lived in Deptford. It cuts both ways surely, if a half West Indian tries to kill you aren’t you entitled to some prejudice and hatred?

Islam is actually quite forgiving, but my point is that if one adopts Ara’s approach it comes near to making one a doormat. Who respects doormats? Plod don’t.



6 thoughts on “On Buddhism, forgiveness, Islam and racism.

  1. Interesting.

    I forgive you for misunderstanding my point. 🙂

    Forgiveness in up to the individual, but in your example above, the black woman held all whites to be responsible for her son’s death, but I doubt she hated them all, or maybe she did. Most of them will never know about her emotional response, so who is damaged by this?

    Hatred is a normal human emotion to someone who tries to kill you, and inflicting injury whilst
    fighting back, is merely self-defence. Again what is achieved by hating every half West Indian?

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