Hate lives on

Why hatred is not the answer!

Hate Lives On

Hate lies waiting hidden, deep swirls of black
And ugly thoughts buried but not quite gone
The stirrings ripple through the haze of anger
And distress. But surface thoughts give not a hint
Of churning rage and seething rage which will not still.

Forgiveness may dispel the deep disruptions of your hurt
But will it be enough to stop the war, and death of love
The final blow which kills the hope of further life and joy
Can no one cure your fractured soul ?

Years go by your hate lies buried deep and safe
Within a place where no one goes for fear of waking
All the turmoil of the time when you were whole and
Hope was there; long gone and still the memories fresh.

As in a nightmare thoughts grow large and seep
Through measured calm and peace to wreak such havoc
That we cannot help but mourn the death of one we knew
Whose walls resist the balm and peace of friendship’s touch.


9 thoughts on “Hate lives on

  1. I’m perfectly prepared to entertain hate. ISIS for example is a classic case. Anyone who fails to ‘hate’ ISIS has a problem.
    Thus far, the love people have held the centre ground, but to what effect? I’ve no desire to be amongst the Christians in the Roman arena facing death by butchery for the amusement of the crowd.
    Properly held ‘hate’ is simply a total acceptance of the unacceptability of a given behaviour. Irrational hatred is obviously inappropriate, but there comes a point where vile actions must be utterly rejected.


    • Interesting comment, Ad. I make what may be considered to be a distinction. Hatred is a normal human emotion. I don’t hate ISIS, I have never had to misfortune to meet any of them.I hate what they do, the barbaric cruelty, their methods of promoting their religious and political ideology and this should be fought with any means at our disposal. We may need hatred of their aims to spur us to devise a rational, effective strategy to prevent them succeeding.

      Hatred alone is not the solution, and I really draw the line at hating all follows of Islam. What does that achieve?


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