Speculation about Manchester Killer’s Motivation.

In a piece from Mailonline, a doctor asks ‘if marijuana is a factor in jihadi murders as he says the liberal elite who push for looser drug laws should be shamed.’

Although the doctor who wrote the piece might actually have a point about cannabis, that he won’t ask if the doctrines of Islam might have been the killer’s motivation shows a lack of balance. Some of the questons this doctor asks are actually shocking. He starts like this:

What was going through Salman Abedi’s mind when he made that journey to Manchester Arena on Monday night? How does someone do something so unspeakably evil as to slaughter and grievously injure innocent young children in this way?

This guy lacks imagination and empathy.

Why doesn’t this person get in touch with the Islamists who lined up over one hundred children at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2014 and machine-gunned them? They might be able to offer an answer to that banal question. Perhaps a hatred of disgusting infidels and thoughts of divine reward for killing them were going through his head?

The article is a disgrace.

Could the good doctor not find the nerve to ask if the Islamist ideology might have something to do with motivating these horrible humans?

The closest the coward gets to this is here:

Given what we know about the effects of cannabis, is it possible that the drug makes some users more susceptible to the warped, twisted ideology of hate that the Islamists promote…

Constipated rubbish. It suggests mass-murderers are actually victims, but has to use distancing language by referring (obliquely, naturally) to Islam as having been warped and twisted into something else. Meaning: it’s not really Islam.

Anything and everything will be to blame before the popular media tell the truth, or encourage the truth to be told, about some of the doctrines of Islam and the Islamist project.

The only thing left to do is collect examples like the good doctor’s to laugh at.





6 thoughts on “Speculation about Manchester Killer’s Motivation.

  1. His argument would make more sense if the hippy culture of California had been marked by an intense campaign of suicide bombings, shooting sprees, beheadings, vehicle ramming sprees and the like.

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  2. People like your doctor are among some of the worst influences in the ISIS terror attacks.

    Their banal libtard words bring on nausea. These are the true enemies of our society. The background PC wittering that affects the judgements and decisions of our ruling classes. They are the ones who prompt senior politicians to make fatuous comments and who promote the ‘race hate’ nonsense.

    What’s wrong with hating someone who murders children and any other similar people with the same vile opinions? It is of course stupid to assert that all Muslims are of the same stamp, but the proportions who are give cause for considerable alarm.

    It’s quite one thing to dismiss an errant 0.5% as untypical and an unfair condemnation of the vast majority. However, if that proportion approaches double figures, we have a major problem. We’re talking about in excess of one million terrorists and their supporters.


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