We’ve Lost.


I detest political correctness.  I think it’s the enemy.  I mean there are many enemies, but they all come together under one rubric, which is one person is trying to tell another person how to think.

  • Norman Mailer
Mr Utley has commented on the wooden delivery of Mrs May’s response to the Manchester mass-murder. As it happens, I agree with his analysis, but I think it misses the point. To consider her style of delivery is to choose not to consider the content – and it’s the content that matters. Probably this point is self-evident, but when we consider surface-matters we can easily be distracted from what’s important.

Most can probably remember the half-a-second-in-time picture of Ed Milliband eating a bacon sandwich. This apparently was evidence enough of his being no use to anyone. When a facial expression is obsessed over in this way there is something wrong with the values held. (Somebody called Nick Ferrari actually offered Clegg the challenge of eating a bacon sandwich, as if this was a political test for office: absolute proof of the infantilism infecting our discourse.)

Obviously, the lack of content can be revealing, but only in the context of there being nothing where the context should be. That Tim Farron, when asked if he thought homosexuality was a sin, chose not to answer rather than immediately reply ‘Of course not, what a stupid question’ tells those listening everything they need to know. Would it have changed things if his evasive action had been pulled off with all the theatrical aplomb of a Matador?

I think not.

That Mrs May let a few stock-banalities fall out of her mouth is worrying; calling the attack ‘cowardly’ is worrying; and now this, from slate-head Trump from the LA Times:

‘So many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life,” President Trump said while visiting Bethlehem in the West Bank. “I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term, they would think that’s a great name. I will call them losers because that’s what they are.’

The only thing one can say for this is that Trump at least managed to use the word ‘murdered’. This is an improvement on the sickening ‘lost their lives.’ People lose their car keys and mobile phones.

Why do powerful politicians, some of them possibly intelligent humans – all armed with advisers and spin-persons and image consultants and all the rest – think that a cogent response to an act of mass murder is to call the killers names?

Coward. Loser.

This is the bacon-sandwich level of response.

We’re the losers because it’s us who’ve lost. There is no battle, no war, no conflict; there is only a question of how long before we admit to ourselves that our obsession with political correctness has lead to a groupthink mind-cancer which is killing us.

As Douglas Murray said, we’ll be arguing about the place of masculine pronouns in academic debate while ISIS storm the country carrying AK47s.

This is the response I would have preferred from Mrs May:

“There has been an act of mass murder in Manchester. It was motivated by religion. ISIS is an Islamist group, its adherents murder us because they believe that after they are dead they will continue to be alive in another dimension where they will receive divine reward for their violence. The want to murder us because they hate us, we are infidels, and therefore fair game. They genuinely believe this. The problem we have is that a great many who follow Islam have brown skin. This means we can’t publicly admit what motivated the latest round of killings. I’m sorry about this, but the truth is it’s us who are the cowards because we are too scared to tell the truth for fear of being accused of something called ‘racism’. We do not live in an age of reason: we continue to live in an age of superstitious stupidity. There will be more attacks like this across Europe, and I suggest the British people just get used to the idea, because if you think I’m any kind of courageous ‘leader’ – you lot are more deluded than I already thought you were. Our prayers are with the victims, and one day our supernatural being will beat up their supernatural being. Thank you for your attention spans. That you lot are a bunch of fat, thick, iphone-loving zombies who care more about who wins x-factor than the biggest threat to civilization we face makes my job so much easier – so thanks again plebs. Carry on.”








5 thoughts on “We’ve Lost.

    • In respect to the pc mind-cancer, where people accuse others of being racist or bigoted to show how virtuous they are themselves, I’d say the witch-hunts from the middle ages: we have heresy hunts now, for people using ‘hate speech’ whatever that is…


  1. I don’t know; for the first time for forty years it’s possible to say there is a problem with mass immigration to this country, and with Islam. People are out there, saying it, on forums, on the radio, and in newspaper opinion articles. This hasn’t happened before.


  2. I’m humbled by this post. It says everything I believe, but probably more eloquently than I could manage.
    I love the ‘Theresa May’ speech, especially the final sentence. Perhaps one day, we shall be blessed with a leader capable of uttering such words.


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