A Minor Vent..

Now that the second Middleton daughter has been married-off to a man of more than tolerable fortune, will the press begin to report something interesting? I have no doubt the younger Bennett sister is perfectly delightful company and a thoroughly decent young lady, however this doesn’t seem to be reason enough to lose our reason over her wedding.

Just one example of the weirdness which is happening: there is a photograph on the front page of Mailonline which shows the second Middleton daughter looking at the first. So we have a situation where two sisters are photographed looking at each other at a wedding. In the photograph are some small children, and the piece opens with:

‘Across a sea of pageboys and bridesmaids, a delighted Duchess of Cambridge exchanges smiles with her newly married sister as the happy couple pose for photographs.’

A sea of pageboys and bridesmaids?

Do the press force this rubbish on us because they know there’s a market for it? There must be a market for it. Is there? Do normal humans look at the wedding of celebrities and coo and fawn over the pictures?

Or do the press suffer from the same detachment from reality the celebrity bubble-heads suffer from: they have no idea ordinary persons are shaking their heads in dismay at how nothing is made into something?

I actually don’t know.

At least the second Bennett sister won’t be flogging a load of glossy trash to Hello! Wagazine. I hope not. At least this species of celebrity has some grace and taste.

I’d rather have the likes of the Middleton sisters than the slack-lipped, nipped-and tucked tramps who, armed with before and after pictures, slither onto ‘loose women’ to spew forth on their vagina surgery.



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