Embarrassing Reappearance of Aged Former Star

I must be charitable. I assume the BBC thought it was being kind to Tony Blair in giving over a large part of the World This Weekend on Radio 4 to an interview with him. The alternative theory, that it was eager to embarrass a man whose former glory has waned so much that he has become a figure of fun, does not bear thinking about.

Oh, how cringe making it was. All the old tricks were there. “You know” started almost every sentence. Ts were carefully dropped to show what a man of the people he was. EU politicians were, of course, “you guys in Europe”. How extraordinary it was, listening to him today, to recall that those tricks used to work, that voters were won over in their hundreds of thousands by his “fresh” approach to politics.

But now, poor chap, it all sounds horribly dated. I felt enormously sorry for him as he droned on, obviously thinking he was the answer to all our prayers. I just prayed that no one would break the news to him that the old magic had gone, that one of the most successful political acts of the late 20th and early 21st centuries was now considered to be no more than a very bad joke.

We must all hope, for his own sake as well as ours, that he resists the temptation to return to mainstream politics.



10 thoughts on “Embarrassing Reappearance of Aged Former Star

  1. I Googled ‘Why is Tony Blair disliked?’ There are lots (and I mean lots) of answers. The Metro quoted a BBC interview with Blair where this question came up. Blair said: ‘There are people who disagree with me for reasons that they say are to do with, say, Iraq, but are actually to do with the fact I won three elections for the Labour Party and they didn’t like it.’

    So I found the answer to another question – how does TB cope with being so disliked.

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  2. Sale of arms to Indonesia in contravention of human rights, Pinochet, DNA database, Dr Kelly’s “suicide”, pimping for Bush,I could go on. Oh Iraq. Remind us which regiment Euan served with?


  3. This post is not really about Blair, it’s about the heavily biased BBC giving disproportionate airtime to a political rascal – of the left. Not only was he allowed to drone on for ages, but there were no interruptions – a very rare situation

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  4. I can’t stand TB and don’t know why the BBC give him the time of day, other than they are pushing the failed Labour Party, it beggers belief.


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