I would like to share something with you on Turkish referendum!

Some people think Islam is an obstacle to democratic development, but it’s not because secularism is the key point for the democracy in Turkey or any Muslim country if it’s a democratic country. Secularism is crucially different between Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world.
Secularism is an English word and it is somewhat misleading, since it is often used in the context of antireligious philosophy, but the term used in Turkish is based on the French “laicitè,” which means “separation” between religion and the state affairs and Turkey has accomplished this successfully thanks to Ataturk and his revolutions.

Ataturk had brought secularism, secularism brought democracy instead of Sharia in Turkey and equality for all citizens, so equal Islamist politicians set up Islamist parties and one of them is Erdogan’s Akp which have been ruling Turkey since 2002, but in a Sharia system they would be a second-class citizen as we all were in the Ottoman period and they would not have any politic right. Today the Islamist government and its leader Erdogan try to bring Turkey back into a sultanate by use of democracy.

Once, Erdogan was quoted as saying, “Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.” Erdogan, who is now president of Turkey, has decidedly stepped off the tram. A constitutional referendum will be held throughout Turkey on 16 April 2017, if Erdogan wins, not just a change in the system of government but also the Turkish regime will be changed. Erdogan’s de facto one-man rule will be codified into what can only be described as a tribal chieftain and sultanate.

Erdogan’s new constitution is a copy of the Syrian Constitution but Bashar al-Assad’s version is secular and more democratic than Erdogan’s.
Erdogan’s constitution would also allow him to dissolve the parliament, Erdogan wants federation for Turkey and his advisors have suggested that if people say “yes” Turkey can be converted into a federation that means; if Erdogan wins the referendum, it will effectively put an end to the secular unitary democratic Turkish Republic.
I say NO NO NO!


6 thoughts on “I would like to share something with you on Turkish referendum!

  1. Forget Turkey. Islam is inextricably both political and religious. Islam is unique in that is is the state. There can never be a separation of the two.

    Which is all well and good if you are a muslim but utterly incompatible if you are part of the other five and a half billion.


    • This is a standard ploy political leaders make when things go wrong.
      They blame others and say, “If I have more power,I could fix things. I am being defeated by others in the government”

      There may be enough dopes out there believe him


  2. Good post, Metin, we shall just have to hope that Turkey votes no in the coming referendum. It would be a disaster for Turkey if the electorate vote for Erdogan’s plan to end democracy. Although ironically, I fear that a yes vote would be the will of the electorate should it happen.

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  3. It’s s power grab dressed up with the ornaments of religion. When successfully used the ambition of the depot are made real. Democracy fragments and becomes a sham and the voice of the electorate is lost. The strong man federation this brings to mind is Yugoslavia.
    Christian states have hollowed out the secular functions of Church (and up to a point, philanthropic societies). In the UK the church had inputs in places like the House of Lords but, in the interests of society as a whole, this is regulated.
    The overriding ethos: Rule of Law
    Public Sector in Pursuit of the Public Good.
    Regulations to provide a stable environment (+ mitigate the impact) of profit making enterprise and unions…..
    To misquote Trump, this is is Reformation + + +


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