Please Help

This really is a cry from the heart. I long to understand modern thinking. I need your help.

I have grasped the essentials.

Nationalism is bad because anyone who likes his own country is a Nazi. That  is entirely understandable. The only history taught in any state school in England (for several decades) has been the history of Germany in the few years before the second world war. It would be odd if the under forties did not think nationalism was frightfully bad.

Protectionism is bad, unless it is practised by the European Union. If Americans indulge in protectionism that is awful (I actually agree with that). But, as I understand it, the right-on modern opinion of the British young is that it is fine for the EU to be protectionist. I can’t quite understand why that should be, but I know I am too old to be permitted an opinion (the current conventional view is that no one over the age of 40 should be allowed a vote).

Then we get to something called “globalisation”, That, too, I am assured is a very bad thing. And this is where I do need your help. I am gigantically dim. Despite all my research (I have even gone to the lengths of visiting the Guardian on the Web), I have found no rational explanation of why global free trade is evil. Of course, I accept it must be, because everyone says it is. But it would be enormously helpful to me if someone could spell out the reasons for me

I look forward to your assistance.

Thank you so much.



7 thoughts on “Please Help

  1. Hello Charles, Regarding, ” I accept it must be, because everyone says it is. But it would be enormously helpful to me if someone could spell out the reasons for me”. Charles, global free train is a double edged sword. It’s great we can buy cheap goods from countries what have what is next to slave labour to produce them. It’s bad because the only way to compete with them is to lower our standard of living below their’s to compete with them.


  2. Do you remember Animal Farm, Charles? “Four legs good..two legs bad” that was the slogan until the pigs stated to walk, rather unsteadily on two legs. Then it became “four legs good two legs better” Oh for the simplicity of that political statement.

    So now confusingly we no longer have left wing or right wing – it’s globalism versus nationalism. I would hesitate to assign roles here regarding my first paragraph because it will probably be out of date by the time I’ve typed it.

    I doubt this has helped because I’m just as confused as you are.


  3. I feel a similar sense of confusion Charles, but I rationalise it by applying what I believe is a common-sense analysis of where we are at.

    References to ‘Far Right’ in particular, are usually put forward by left-wing extremists. In no time at all, they then start the analogy with Hitler, etc., etc. Why so? Because they are scared of ‘populism’ – as well they should in a democracy.

    For example,trying to stem the huge flood of immigration from the EU and alien cultures, is hardly comparable to Hitler’s attitude to Jews. But it’s a convenient and insulting assertion by the ‘Left’.
    Similarly, when a British court finds a criminal migrant guilty of a crime, it seeks to deport him. Then, along comes some legal construct from Brussels, called the ECHR, saying we cannot do so – ‘Human Rights’ blah, blah. That sort of thing makes ordinary Brits rather cross, especially when, by stark contrast, a white Anglo-Saxon woman is repatriated to her country of origin, in spite of having lived in the UK for 20 years and with a British family.

    Being rigidly ‘ruled’ by an unelected bunch of socialists in Brussels is cause enough for the rise of nationalism and, after all, what’s wrong with being protective of one’s own country. I don’t mind if my bananas are curved 🙂


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