There is Insanity on Both Sides

Poor old Heseltine has told us that Brexit means Germany has now won the last war.

Ukip is tearing itself apart as it finds that not everyone thinks only people born in Britain should be allowed to live here.

Heseltine first. He really does seem to have gone round the bend. Of course, he was never terribly bright, but he has lost the plot in a big way. He thinks the EU is wonderful. He is not alone in that. Indeed, there are quite a few intelligent people who agree with him. But his latest outburst is truly insane. He tells us that our departure from the EU gives Germany the victory in the second world war. In coming out with that exceptionally silly pronouncement he insults both Britain and Germany.

It is the Germans who have the greatest right to be offended. Lord Heseltine apparently thinks modern Germany is still a Nazi state. Merkel, he reckons, is another Hitler. Unless the UK remains part of the EU, the evil Merkel will conquer Europe. There will be concentration camps throughout the continent. Perhaps we, in Britain, will even be invaded by the foul Hun. And we run that risk just because of a foolish desire that we should be permitted to make our own laws.

Poor old Heseltine. Of course, he is genuinely convinced that we would be better off being governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Maybe he is right that democracy has had its day. But, surely, he is dotty to suggest that Merkel is another Hitler.

Now for Ukip. They are in a great state because their only MP, Douglas Carswell, has left them. To be frank, Mr Carswell is pretty mad himself. His defection from the Conservatives was odd, to say the least. He had a future in the Conservative Party. But he threw it up to join Ukip. Almost immediately, he found he was in a party with which he had very little in common. Oh, I know, Ukip has some reasonably sensible policies on things like education. But it mainly exists, now more than ever, to oppose all immigration to the UK.

Carswell discovered (why was he unable to spot it earlier?) that he was the sole representative in the Commons of a party which had only two policies. It was, as he was, keen that we should leave the EU (lots of Conservative MPs agreed with that policy). But it was also determined that no foreigner should ever be permitted to settle in the UK. That, now that the first policy has succeeded, is its only remaining policy. Mr Farage has told us that opposition to immigration is the only policy Ukip should adopt (it has always been a single issue party). Mr Carswell, who is actually quite intelligent, understands, and always has done, that such a simplistic approach to immigration is barmy. He couldn’t possibly stay in Ukip.

How does Ukip react? It says how pleased it is that Carswell has left. He could never have advanced the Ukip case for a complete end to all immigration. He was a closet liberal, a politician who didn’t understand that the “people” hated all foreigners.

But isn’t Ukip just as mad as Heseltine? Yes, it is. Its conviction that we all hate all foreigners is dotty. It is destined to fail in election after election for the simple reason that the electorate is nowhere near as stupid as it thinks. I do understand its point. It thinks that the fanatical remainers are right to claim that everyone who voted to leave the EU was a stupid racist. But, sadly for Ukip, those fanatical remainers are wrong about that.



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