Marine Le Pen and Headscarf!

Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader has every right to refuse to wear a headscarf to meet an Islamic scholar in Beirut or wherever she is!
1- Wearing headscarf is not either an obligation for a Muslim women unless they perform the Salaat =Namaz, ( ritual prayers of Islam).

2- Both non-Muslim and Muslim women are free to visit inside of the mosques without wearing headscarg, it’s not obligation either but they wear it to respect the believers of Islam and local muslims around the mosque, so Marine Le Pen did right thing and an Islamic scholar is not a value of Islam, even though local people, and state of Lebanen pay respect him. In fact, Islam forbids these habits but the Arabs never leave pre-Islamic manners and their habits spreads into the other Muslim nations.

3- Marine Le Pen is a non-Muslim woman, so Muslim or non-Muslim how people dare to criticise her?

4- Muslims and Lebanese scholar need to learn their religion at its first source from the Koran.

5- Non – Muslim Marine Le Pen is not provocator but the Labenese scholar and his disciples are,they do not have any right to demand wearing of headscarf from a non-Muslim woman.

6- Well done to Marine Le Pen, I do not agree with her in politic but this time she is right.


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