An Unscrupulous Charity has Nobbled the Duke of Cambridge

The slaughter of elephants by vile men (I can’t believe women are involved) in order to profit from the sale of ivory is revolting. Every effort must be made to protect those magnificent animals. But the notion that the crooks will give up their trade if Britain destroys all ivory antiques is about as nonsensical as you can get. And yet no less a person than the Duke of Cambridge, our future king, is determined that anything made from ivory, even if it is 3,000 years old and residing in the British Museum, should be destroyed.

How could the Duke have come to espouse such an obviously stupid policy? The answer is plain. WWF (we used to know it as the World Wild Life Fund) has nobbled him. WWF, like far too many large charities these days, has what is known as a “political agenda”. It hates the idea that horrid capitalists might make money from trading in antiques. So it came up with a cunning plan. It announced to the world that all those appalling killers of elephants would give up their activities if they were told that ancient ivory artifacts were to be destroyed. And the poor Duke, whose grandfather used to be patron of the Word Wild Life Fund, assumed the WWF must be right.

The Duke’s advisors must protect him from the likes of WWF.



9 thoughts on “An Unscrupulous Charity has Nobbled the Duke of Cambridge

  1. I can only liken the WWF assertion that antique ivory be destroyed, to the destruction of Palmyra by barbarian religious nutters.
    Let’s skip the careful pussy-footing around PC issues, the elephants are killed for ivory by native Africans looking for an easy income. They are aided and abetted almost exclusively by the Chinese buyers, who also believe that rhino horn is an aphrodisiac. In short, it is all about ignorance – including that of the WWF.

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