The Royal Streaker

The Royal Streaker

The court was shocked and much dismayed
To see their leader’s paunch displayed.
The day was cool, autumnal chilly,
They thought he looked a trifle silly.

The weavers spun a lovely robe,
Its fame had spread throughout the globe.
For peasants, and the daft to boot,
Just couldn’t see the magic suit.

The courtiers were quick to praise,
Although they bowed as in a daze.
They bent their knees and doffed their hats,
Though privately they thought him bats.

A pungent whiff was in the air
Of rank hypocrisy laid bare.
But no one dared to say a word
Although they thought it quite absurd.

The waving crowds all warmly dressed,
Were shocked and not all impressed
To see the Kingly bits on show,
Although his cheeks appeared to glow.

A tiny child then shrieked with joy
It sounded like a little boy.
He’s very rude our King you know,
His dangly bits are all on show!


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