More Progressive Bias

How refreshing to hear Frank Gaffney wipe the floor with the so-called BBC’s Radio 4 Today’s John Humphreys (right?) at 08.10 this morning. He had a sound answer for everything this indignant libtard threw at him and must have had quite an effect on the large number of Deplorable Limeys like myself who are sick of the Corporation’s blatant left wing bias. It’s well worth replaying if you missed it.

How the Canadian muslims are squealing over the shootings in Quebec! One is tempted to say ‘what goes round comes around’ but that would temp the liberals to accuse me of supporting the murders, at which I stop somewhat short.

Still an’ all…

The unshakeable prejudice shown by home-grown liberals, muslims, our media and politicians of all shades is perfectly displayed by the fact that what they are all condemning today is a six-year old policy of exclusion from the self-same muslim countries targeted initially by the Cool Black Obama in 2011.

Did we hear moral outrage expressed then? Were there world-wide demonstrations by progressives then? If there were I must have been hibernating. This fact should be given more prominence in the tedious debates over the ‘rights’ of muslims to override the immigration laws of the USA.

Frank Gaffney’s site is always worth a visit:

9 thoughts on “More Progressive Bias

  1. Good blog Badger. Every day, when I switch on my little tranny in the bathroom, I end up shouting abuse at it. Especially when it’s those smug, self-righteous women, of which the so-called BBC has an endless supply.
    We must wait and see over the Quebec massacre. The perpetrators could well have been white, Anglo-Saxon killers, who cried ‘Allahu Akbar’, just to confuse the authorities. On the other hand, we get no mention as yet, of the sect in the mosque. If they were Sunni, then the attackers could have been Shia – and vice versa. Indeed, in spite of this internecine cult squabble and the appalling butchery involved, we hear very little about it.

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