Is the BMA Run by Madmen (Sorry, Mad Persons of Various Different Genders)?

The BMA has instructed its staff to stop referring to pregnant women as expectant mothers. The term is apparently deeply offensive to “transgender” people. It seems there has been one case of someone born female who is eager to become male and who has, in the course of treatment to effect the transformation, become pregnant. He/she has put off the final operation so as to be able to give birth. The BMA assumes that this one person would be gravely distressed if described as an expectant mother. It follows, therefore, that no other pregnant woman should ever be called an expectant mother.

To be fair to the BMA, it is prepared to concede that a “large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women”.

The majority is very large indeed, since there is no record of any pregnant “person” claiming to be male other than this one case. Still, we live in a brave new world and I suppose we had better buckle under and accept that describing a pregnant person as being a woman is likely to be listed as a hate crime before too long.



6 thoughts on “Is the BMA Run by Madmen (Sorry, Mad Persons of Various Different Genders)?

  1. An unmistakeable statement of total ignorance by the BMA. This is a major UK function. This descent to the very basement of PC crap is disturbing – to say the least. Who are these idiots?


  2. I wouldn’t call this political correctness at all. PC seems to be a term that covers everything from being a normal polite person to people of different gender, colour, religion, etcetera to oneself and examples of lunacy like this. The trouble with calling this PC is it undermines all the sensible PC stuff that used to be common courtesy.

    So just to recap, I agree wholehearted with Charles that this is deeply silly.


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