A Winter Walk in the Forest

Dorset has acres of beautiful heathland and forest and we walk daily for miles with the puppy. Sometimes we meet other dog walkers, joggers or cyclists but some days we can walk for several miles without seeing anyone at all. It’s only a short walk from the house and we are quite close to the coast so the occasional beach walk in the winter makes a change.

Puppy is a joy to walk. She dashes around exploring but never loses sight of us and always comes back when she’s called.


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6 thoughts on “A Winter Walk in the Forest

    • Hello Badger, but I must protest – it wasn’t an icy stream, although she loves a dip one of those, it was a stony path.

      She has a thick coat so she really would overheat in front of a log fire, and she’d probably chew a sheepskin rug.

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    • Oh good, Ad. Pleased it has worked so far. This comment being your first was held in moderation until I released it. I’ve been out most of the afternoon so apologies for the delay.


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