Mawlid al-Nabi and today’s Muslims!

Tonight is the holy night on which the birth of Islam’s prophet Muhammad is marked and Islamic world is under the tyrannic regimes and terror threats unlike Prophet Muhammed and Islam commands.

Turkey is not an Islamic state yet, but the country is under the rule of the worst Islamist tyrant who is hand in hand all type of terrorism in order to his regime, but the tyrant has always blamed other countries, and his disagrees among the Turkish citizens for his faults and last night including 30 police officers 38 citizens died, 19 are in critical condition 155 were injured by a pkk terror attack in Istanbul but shame or resignation does not exist in tyrant’s dictionary, because Islam is much more than a religion for him and his adherents but an opium which make the tyrant’s adherents blind-deaf.
Hope Mawlid al-Nabi opens their eyes and ears then brings them the gift of happiness and blessings today and always!

Along with Istanbul last 24 hours deaths toll in Muslim countries.
Egpyt Cairo Church bombed: 28
Yemen Aden military base bombed: 60
Somalia Mogadishu terror attack on port : 29
The table is horrendous.

Muslims need to face the reality and what is the problem, if the problem is Islamic understaning they face to face with Islam, they should do it, before blame non-Muslim countries, because I belive there is a language problem and interpretation problem about the Holy Quran because all ages book can not be source of tyranic regimes in Muslim countries and some terror groups and Turkey must get rit of the tyrant and his Islamo fascism.
We must do it and tonight I hope Muslims think about why Islam is mentioned with terrorism and why Muslim countries under the tyrants rules?

My heart goes with all the terror victims, their families frends in Istanbul and other parts of the World


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