German practices in Fleet Street?

Page 5 of last Friday’s London Evening Standard runs a piece headlined “Stab victim was teen from Calais Jungle who came to London for a better life”

This was the eighteen year-old, alleged arts student (turned out he wasn’t) who was fatally stabbed by a burkha clad female in Acton a week or so ago with the precise circumstances omitted from most press reports and, as far as I know, completely ignored by the so-called BBC and the rest of the broadcast media.

Anyway, the Evening Standard has finally cottoned on to the threat to community cohesion posed by this homicide and in a half page spread of interviews with friends who to a man described him as ‘a brother’ ‘a lovely guy who never had anything bad in his heart’ ‘it’s a big loss to us’ blah blah, wrote not a word about the most salient feature of the killing. That is, the issue of the burkha and the danger of a possible smear to the adherents of the Religion of Peace.

So it looks like our press, not satisfied by their historic self-harm through ‘Spanish Practices’ is rapidly adopting ‘German Practices’ à la Cologne, etc etc…


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