Now let me be clear about this…

… The moment I hear that phrase I switch off. It is inevitably the prelude to obfuscation and down right lies. If I heard it once in that vile Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’ a little earlier this afternoon, I heard it two dozen times. And I couldn’t make it to the end.

Politicians and spokespersons of whatever persuasion should be banned from using it, and indeed the very word “clear” itself. It should join the ‘N’ word in the current anti-free speech black (oops!) list.

Dimbleby claimed the audience on this occasion was self-selecting, whatever that means. To me it sounded like the so-called BBC had packed the audience with left-wing activists.

Peter Tatchell got a lot of air time and press inches elswhere for interrupting Corbyn’s speech when he protested about what he took to be Corbyn’s failure to criticise enough Saudia Arabia’s air strikes in Yemen and this was touched upon in today’s programme. Yet Corbyn’s wicked antisemitism (see my previous Bulletin blog) on Wednesday is ignored.

If only we could have a referendum on the future of the so-called BBC. I bet reform and political cleansing of this biased body might even surpass the Brexit result.


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