Prevention or Cure?

This morning there was a heated argument on the radio ,about the drug which acts as a prevention against sexual transmission of AIDS or HIV.

The NHS is allowing the trails ,and if successful it will be given to those who are exposed to the infection by having un protected sex.

Before anyone screams that we shouldn’t be pandering to the Homosexuals ,please remember that the NHS already provides similar drugs for the Heterosexuals too.

The female pill for example ,costs a lot to the NHS,but it has been dispensed freely for years now, and when you think about it, women use it so they can have un protected sex, they do not wish to use condoms, and it comes to the same thing, if some in the Gay community do not wish to use condoms, then this drug will protect them from infection, whereas the pill protects a woman from un wanted pregnancy  if she wishes to have unprotected sex.

Schools these days offer vaccination against HPV virus to young girls, which protects them against human papilloma virus when the girls become sexually active.

So it will be wrong to say ,the NHS is purely appeasing the Gay community. This drug is available to heterosexuals too if they so wish.

But, and this is a Big But! This weekend most parts of the country didn’t have intensive care beds in the children’s units. Especially London , most hospitals have to close their doors to emergency admissions of children for lack of these beds.

Beds are closed when there is not enough staff/resources to care for a certain need. Intensive care requires highly skilled staff, with the ratio of one to one. I have been an intensive /coronary care nurse, and have found it to be very demanding but a very satisfying and rewarding role.

I do accept that prevention is always better than cure, and this drug in the long run will hopefully prevent people getting infected with HIV, but is this the right time?

In my opinion it is not, I feel it is a travesty that we cant care for very seriously ill children in some parts of the country, I feel this should be our priority ,and prevention should come later.

Wonder what everyone else feels?


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I have been blessed that I have a love of nature and life has given me a beautiful country to live in, a space to create colour and beauty and the time to enjoy it. Am very lucky and if being surrounded by natural beauty can be classed as wealth , am very lucky.

9 thoughts on “Prevention or Cure?

  1. Sala’am Sabs, “Robert Napier” here. Saw an interesting piece on UK TV about how many parts of England are overwhelmed by East Europeans piling onto a free NHS. In my two trips to Poland I had nothing free. Is it time to put a Full Up sign at Dover?

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    • Hi there Robert, hope you are well.Am not sure about the “pilling in” out Eastern European who seek treatment are in employment , and if so their employer pays for their NHS contribution. If they live and work in this country then they are entitled to emergency health care, as we are, when we visit Europe.

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  2. Good to see you posting here, Sabina.

    There is always going to be problem with the cash strapped NHS allocating funds and assessing priorities. Prevention is often less expensive than treating the disease in the long run, and it is not the remit of the NHS in my opinion to make moral judgements. So yes, I would say that preventing AIDS or HIV, and consequently limiting the spread of this disease is probably better or less expensive that the cost of treatment, but I really don’t know what the cost of this new drug is likely to be.

    I do take your point that seriously ill children should always be a high priority, they potentially have their whole lives ahead of them.


    • Morning Araminta, I have been publicising your site by posting links on the twitter too! As I have said ,am all for prevention ,we do provide the contraceptive pill and the PV vaccines to heterosexuals ,and of course people of a different sexual orientation are just as entitled to everything as the rest of the population.
      This drug costs something like £350 per dose per person. My point is that it should be trialled ,but should be limited , and those who can afford should buy it. As we do for some fertility treatments and some other procedures.
      At the moment there is a huge shortage in the NHS, beds are closed because they don’t have enough staff and can employ or even hire them from an agency. So prevent by all means ,but as it is a lifestyle choice, and so is the pill!

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  3. I reckon that being the chap in charge of NHS priorities must be horrid. The trouble is that it is never as simple as some would wish it to be. The question is not: shall we save male homosexuals who are not yet ill but may become ill or shall we save little children who are already ill? Were that to be the question most of us would have no hesitation in answering it. But that isn’t the question. It would obviously be ludicrous to invest all NHS funds in paediatrics and give nothing to any other discipline.

    I wish I could share your objection to this new treatment, but I can’t. I just pray that allowing it will not prevent children with awful illnesses from being given the treatment they need.



    • Good Morning Charles, I share your opinion about it being a horrid job, deciding the priorities. I do think this drug should be available on at least on part payment , as it is a life style choice, and so should the female contraceptive pill, as that too is a life style choice. There are other ways to prevent a pregnancy. As there are for having safe sex in the Gay community.
      I have nothing against peoples sexual choices or orientations.


  4. Hello Sabina, the only bright spot might be is, if the adults are kept healthy enough to keep them out of the beds, there will be more beds for children. I hope you are well, I miss talking to you.


    • Morning Cheech, indeed, I accept that. But we are taking on things we can ill afford , while cutting on the essential services. Accident and emergency departments are being closed and children being denied admission to the intensive care. I think we should sort out our priorities.


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