I was Right: the Lib Dems are Screeching

Yesterday I did my best to explain why it was likely that Sarah Olney, the Liberal Democrat candidate, would win the Richmond Park by-election. In brief, I pointed out that Mr Goldsmith’s chosen single issue for the campaign (whether there should be a third runway at Heathrow) was an obvious non-starter, because all the other candidates were just as opposed to it as he was. That left only one other issue, which was whether the result of the EU referendum should be honoured. Mr Goldsmith said it should be. Ms Olney said it should not be. In that referendum the people of Richmond voted by 70% to 30% to remain in the EU. In those circumstances, had Ms Olney not won the by-election the result would have been extraordinary. She did win, though she didn’t manage the previous 70%. Indeed, she didn’t even get to 50%.

I went on to predict that a Liberal Democrat victory in the by-election would lead to hilarious screeching by the leaders of that party to the effect that Richmond’s continued support for our membership of the EU proved that all the rest of the British people had now changed their minds about Brexit. I was right.

Someone called Farron, apparently the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has joined with Ms Olney in declaring that Richmond has spoken for the rest of the country and conclusively established that we are all now remainers.

I never cease to be amazed at how politicians (of all parties) assume we are all bone stupid. Does this Farron man really think we all woke up this morning to the news of Ms Olney’s success and said to ourselves “goodness me, if Richmond is still in favour of our membership of the EU I suppose I must be as well”?

Still, I am told that the BBC is going along with Mr Farron’s strange theory, so I suppose it must be right.



9 thoughts on “I was Right: the Lib Dems are Screeching

  1. The LibDems are truly horrible people. Baroness Kramer was so awful in the run up to the declaration even Dianne Abbott criticised her antidemocratic posturing. It is outrageous that half the Lords is unelected LibDems.

    And that vile woman Jenny Tonge needs to be given the gas chamber treatment she herself favours for the Jews.


  2. I read the Guardian and listen to BBCR4 each day and try to spot the difference. They both use words like far and right to the extent that soon a hyphen will appear between them. The words and the institutions.

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  3. Osborne writing for the Mail. Is pretty disgusted, he says that Richmond is a rich suburb, with little immigration and what there is, they are useful as cleaners etc., they should take a trip to Birmingham, Leicester or Bradford, then they might understand why Brexit won. Even here, in Chesterfield, the increase in immigrants is notable.


  4. It’s worth losing the odd by-election if it weeds out the likes of Goldsmith.
    His lamentable campaign (or the lack of a decent one), handed London over to Labour’s Sadiq Khan without a fight, and his flaky resignation from the Tories over Heathrow practically guaranteed the loss of this seat regardless of Brexit. Tories are notoriously reluctant to vote for backsliders and defectors.
    Is it too much to hope that this is the last that we will see of Goldsmith in mainline politics?
    I certainly hope so.


    • I wouldn’t have thought he would be terribly popular with selection committees. But I suppose there is always the House of Lords.



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