Let us begin at first principles, the murder of Jo Cox was wrong. But what was someone as inarticulate as Mair to do when nobody in power would listen? Fed up of coming second in his own country, Mair blamed Asians. Wrong, he would probably have lost his house to West Indians, Polacks or other asylum seekers (economic refugees). The thing is, that anyone who says Mair is not totally wrong is labelled a terrorist sympathiser. That Mair was not a political prisoner but a criminal one. Soon that label is to reach out and engulf anyone not towing the government line (that Cox was some sort of martyr). Jeez.


8 thoughts on “Hagiography.

  1. “Mr. Mair, an unemployed gardener, had a longstanding obsession with Nazi propaganda,” Why didn’t he just move to Germany? I hear the Nazis are planning a comeback and promising “No more Mr. nice guys this time.”

    Seriously, I have no idea what he should do. You get the government you vote for.


  2. I have read your piece several times. I long to believe that it doesn’t say what it seems to say. But my wish has not been granted. You will hate me, but I think Mair was “totally wrong”. I would go further: I think what he did was evil. What is more, I do not think that those who object to government policy on things like immigration do their cause any good by implying that it’s ok to commit murder. Sorry, I know you will think me a hopeless liberal, but I am stuck with my liberal opinions.


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