New Problem; Shanghai Gangsters!

No Erdogan no, although the EU is an anti-Turkish and Turkey union like you, it’s not against you and anti-Islamo fascists union, how you forget Erdogan, how you forget; when you abolished the Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code and try to sell the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and detained Turkish best military officers, the bloody bastard EU declared you unoffically as a voluntary servitude of the EU and friend(!!) of modern Europe but in their real opinion you are an illiterate dictator as you are.

You can not see the facts in reality that the EU hates you as you hate all people who disagree with you and your new frame-up with the Asian and Russian dictators’ club Shanghai Cooperation Organisation which surely welcomes you as a honorable(!) man because all dictators are there except Iran and S.Arabia’s.

Actually, as a dictator Erdogan is too right to join the Shanghai Five, because If I were a dictator as Erdogan I would like to join the Shanghai Quintette Dictators League too, because unlike the EU there is no law, no democracy, no media to question my corruptions, my graft & bribery scandals and innocents blood on my hands, and most importantly there is no opposition party because all Shanghai Five are not governed by democracy because all these countries have a dictatorship type of government in one form or another!
So, I’m sure all is understand why Erdogan wants to join the Shanghai Gangsters!

We should have good ties with Russia and China but no never, we can not be in the same alliance with the Russia and China, whatever, the EU or other European countries’ opinions on the Turks, the Republic of Turkey’s place is in Europe.
EU and Europe are not the same …
The breaking up of Turkey from Europe and West means that we are politically and offically disconnected from Ataturk’s principles.

The solution is neither the EU nor the Eurasianism, the remedy is very easy, it’s follow to Ataturk principles which made Turkey one of modern and developed countries on earh.

For provide personal gain Erdogan tries to sell out Turkey to China and Russia and the sad thing some leftists are agreed with Erdogan and Erdogan’s Islamo fascists grassroots on the Shanghai Five but,Turkey can not break away from the West and I hope nobody can dare it.
I simply don’t undertand Erdogan’s leftists;

If we Turks’ face and direction are in the East under Russia and China hegemony, what we have been doing here in Anatolia and the Balkans since 1071, and without the Independent War with the West, Ataturk could accept the Treaty of Sevres as the Ottoman rulers accepted in 1920 and then we could migrate to Central Asia, couldn’t it?
Erdogan does not have any right to draw new direction to the Turkish Republic, our directon was drawn by Ataturk in the Western World under his motto; “Page at Home, Page in the World” and our world is in Europe, we will not turn back to Asia with or without Erdogan..And Erdogan’s the Eurasianist leftists fans should know, if their new master Erdogan breaks away Turkey from the Europe, the last terminal of Erdogan will be S.Arabian type of regime and Erdogan never keeps secret his view and aims on this..putin-erdogan


4 thoughts on “New Problem; Shanghai Gangsters!

      • Good morning Metin, In your opinion what will Donald Trump being sworn into the office of the President of the United States have to do with all of this? He seems to want a closer working relationship with Russia. On the other hand Trump has said he will bring jobs back from China. What do you think?

        I hope you are well my friend.

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        • Hello Cheech, thank you I’m well..Hope you are too.
          He can’t get on well with Russia as he wished, because the US will be relegated to the second tier by Trump behind Russia that means he can’t make America great again (already America is still great) but Trump can make America smaller, if he continues like this..


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