Trump & Trump

Aside my abstaining view on Donald Trump; the Republicans are NOT racist or fascist.
I’m a Muslim and my best Western friends are generally right wingers from the UKIP to Conservative Party and the Republican Party but they have never used any harsh word on me.
Moreover, when the Daily Telegraph’s closed site MyTelegraph’s first years in 2007s because of my bad English and for some reasons I had some problems with some MyT’ers but they again never used hurtful words on me.
In addition these, they always share their concern about me and Turkey, when Erdogan’s any attack on the Turks, Turkish Millitary and Turkish Republic.
To call Trump voters “fascist or racist” is unfair and nobody has a right to call them “fascist or racist, the other fact is that Donald Trump is created by Obama’s mistakes and he has not taken office yet and people should criticize him after his first performancescarry out on his active duty.

6 thoughts on “Trump & Trump

  1. You are quite right of course, Metin, it’s early days for the Trump administration, and he is still only President-elect. We shall see how it goes.

    I do remember the early days on MyT, but you were always well- mannered and friendly, despite some criticisms of your English.

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