Paris Last Night

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes was turned away from the Sting concert that reopened the Bataclan on the eve of the Paris massacre anniversary for suggesting that its staff were complicit in the atrocity.

Personally I think that was perfectly possible. Were any of them targeted? After all, there have been more than enough cover-ups regarding the events of that night.

Jules Frutos, the Bataclan’s co-director, said he refused entry to Hughes and the manager of Eagles of Death Metal on Saturday night.

“They came, I threw them out — there are things you can’t forgive,” Mr Frutos said.

I wonder if M Frutos has forgiven the terrorists? (or militants as the so-called BBC would have them) Quite a few of his countrymen have forgiven them and a lot more have praised the attacks and promised more to come. It seems to be the done thing these days, forgiveness, with bunches of flowers and candles in the wind while ignoring the hate that spews from the banlieues.

No one to my knowledge has commented on the unspeakable horrors inflicted on the hostages while the terrorists had their way, as outside a SWAT team pondered for hours on what to do next.

Sting was the perfect rock establishment figure I suppose. But where were Geldorf, Annie Lennox, Lilly Allen and the rest of our so morally superior slebs?

Too friggin’ scared no doubt, but I thank them for that. Sting was quite enough.


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