Banned by ABC News (WOO HOO!!)

I know that ginger POS in the picture. Haven’t seen him for months. I hope he’s been smoked in a drone strike. Must ask around.


My fame as a critic of islam has been confirmed by the ABC news corporation. I am deeply grateful for their response to my comment to a link from Cheech’s post about the career of Keith Ellison, the first US muslim senator. I was completely unaware of this sanction until now.

“We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by ABC News”

Reluctant to allow ABC to trash my offering, I republish the comment that was blocked:

“There is no place in any democracy worthy of the name, for islam. Islam is a far greater threat to the world than National Socialism ever was. Islam is already infecting Western societies at all levels. Most of the leaders of those countries have accepted to a greater or lesser degree (depending on the relative size of the muslim population) sharia in everyday life.

“Special treatment for muslims, like foot baths and prayer rooms at places of work, denial of freedom of the press to post pictures of muhammad and anything critical of islam, time off for prayer, halal by stealth in canteens and school kitchens, muslim prayer in schools, attacks on the celebration of Christmas and the Holy Days, erection of mega mosques with Wahabbi money from Saudi and Qatar, muslim finding of Western Universities for Oriental and Middle Eastern studies (Oxford just got £11 million) and the inevitable sharia slant. And so much more.

“All this can be seen in my own country, England, and do you know what this behaviour makes my politicians and police, the professors and editors, the churchmen and media producers?

“It makes them ‘ing DHIMMIS

“And there isn’t one of them that has bothered to find out what sharia really is. I despair.

“Brexit and Trump are the first signs of life in what I had believed was a moribund Anglo-Saxon civilisation, and long may it continue to progress.”

What sharia is:


5 thoughts on “Banned by ABC News (WOO HOO!!)

  1. The BBC is trying to encourage by producing programmes under the the banner that says black is the new blac,stirring up the public, tonight on BBC 2 there is a programme titled Will Britain ever have a Black Primeminister. Now why would anyone be bothered whether we or don’t?

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    • I think it is something to do with ‘Black Month,’ it happens every year, when every right-on journalist and sleb push the ‘aren’t we doing our black friends well?’

      Personally I believe that is patronising and demeaning to all blacks who are perfectly capable of succeeding in this country without this self-serving establishment conviction that blacks need special treatment, like quotas and ‘affirmative action.’

      If you want to sow the seeds of racial hatred then just carry on treating blacks like children and give them privileges that are perceived by many to be unfair.


    • Yes. You have to make a choice of the pic you want, get it from a Google search, copy its address in HTML and post it into the option in the left hand column of your new blog page.

      You’ll get the hang of it after a couple of tries.


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