The Two Faces of Gina Miller.

The Two Faces of Gina Miller.

Gina Miller is motivated by the highest altruism. We know that because she has told us so. In interviews and in news reports she tells us: “This was about doing the right thing”, “This case was about process not politics”, “It’s just in my nature, it’s what I do, I tend to stand up and speak up when I see something dysfunctional happening”, “We have to come together. We can’t have this fractured society that’s resulting at the moment”, “This had to be done”, “Defending democracy is the best way to spend my money”, “This is in no way to obstruct the Government’s timetable for Brexit.”


But you don’t have to dig too deeply to notice that sometimes she lets her guard down. She said she felt “physically sickened” by the historic Brexit result. When asked about the abusive and other comments she has attracted she let slip: “I believe that level of abuse means I am doing something right for investors.” Her opinion of referenda? “a complete waste of time.” What does she want? “….a grown-up, sober debate and then a vote.” That’s a vote in Parliament, btw, not a vote by those ‘complete waste of time’ little people, who obviously got it wrong the first time. And her bottom line?

“The UK fund industry has much to lose,” said Ms Miller.


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