Reactions to the Election of Donald Trump

It is awful of me, I know, but I confess I have been slightly amused by the reactions of British journalists, politicians and contributors to social media to Mr Trump’s election as the 45th president of the USA.

What struck me was the fact that almost all of them are horrified by the result for reasons which, or so it seems to me, are not really any of our business.

Let me make it clear. I, too, am concerned by the result. I worry that Mr Trump’s opposition to NATO, his support for President Putin’s Russia and his desire to bring an end to international free trade might be turned into official policy. Were that to happen, we in Britain would have very good cause to fear.

What seems odd to me is that almost all the, sometimes hysterical, comments I have seen have been directed to quite different matters altogether. Hardly anyone seems to share my worries. What distresses them are a whole lot of things which have nothing to do with us. They are cross, no, furious, because Mr Trump is boorish to women, horrid to Mexicans and Muslims, desperately and quite unjustifiably pleased with himself and has no experience of politics beyond offering himself as President. If I were an American I might well make all those criticisms of him. But I am not an American. I am British. I live in Britain. I will not be in the slightest affected by any of those faults of Mr Trump. If half the people of America want a President who has Mr Trump’s disagreeable approach to domestic policy, I have no right to complain.

Of course, the result was a shock. I went to bed last night assuming the polls would be right and Mrs Clinton would be elected. I woke this morning to hear Sarah Montague on the Today programme announcing, in tones one would expect from a BBC presenter reporting the death of the Queen, that it appeared Mr Trump had won. About a quarter of an hour later we were told, in the illiterate way of the BBC and most journalists, that Mrs Clinton had conceded “defeat” to Mr Trump. But I wasn’t confused, I knew they meant she had conceded victory. I was astounded. Yes, all those thoughts went through my mind: how on earth could the American people have voted for such an unutterable vulgarian?

But it didn’t take me long to get over the shock and to acknowledge the point I am making: it was none of my business. If the people of America were to flood the Face Book and the Twitter with furious denunciations of the British electorate for electing a Prime Minister they didn’t like, I think I might be a little put out,even if I agreed with their criticisms.

None of that is to say we shouldn’t be worried. But we should be worried about Mr Trump’s foreign policies, not the domestic ones. And that means that we should hold our noses and do our utmost to befriend him as we try to persuade him that he should not desert NATO, that he should not give moral support to President Putin’s desire to invade eastern Europe and that he should drop his isolationist economic policies.

So, now we’ve all expressed our moral indignation, let’s calm down and, just as Trump wants to put America first, put Britain first.




13 thoughts on “Reactions to the Election of Donald Trump

  1. As you rightly say, Charles, it is none of our business if America decides democratically to elect an egocentric, playboy, foul-mouthed billionaire. But, there is frankly every concern as regards how his economic and foreign policies may impact on our country and the rest of the world.

    Still, we must be positive and hope for the best. I do hope the Trump supporters will not be too disappointed if he doesn’t achieve all he has promised.

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    • But they previously elected an immoral, cheating, womanising, connected* president, continuously on codeine, Demerol and methadone, Ritalin, meprobamate and Librium, barbiturates, thyroid hormone and injections of a blood derivative, gamma globulin.

      And then there was the president who raped and abused women for most of his life with a First Lady in cahoots, who perjured himself to congress and lied on just about every occasion he was caught out in.

      Then there was a president who, though a farmer himself, caused crushing damage to American farmers by cancelling wheat exports, disposed of one of the most important assets crucial to US security, who refused the former head of a staunch ally critical treatment for a terminal illness, before whom Al Qaeda and the Taliban did not exist and Radical Islam lacked a major state sponsor, and whose greatest contribution to America was in leaving office.

      And the president whose policies did incalculable damage to the black family by the neo-socialist policies he imposed? Discouraging initiative, encouraging a sense of entitlement and victimhood, and creating a permanent dependency class. Before him, 82% of black households had both a mother and a father in the home — a statistic on par with or even slightly higher than white families. A president who, after deciding it was time to stop oppressing blacks and start “helping” them, the presence of black fathers in the home began a precipitous decline; today, the American black out-of-wedlock birthrate is at 69%.

      And how about the present holder of the office? Expressing reverence in his SOTU message earlier this year for, of all things, how “our founders distributed power between … branches of government.” This after years of repeatedly usurping Congress’ legislative power with unilateral executive orders and regulations on everything from criminal justice to climate change to immigration (currently halted by the courts). Who has bent the knee to America’s worst enemies, consistently insulted her best friends, ACCEPTED a Nobel Peace prize when he had been only days in office, who has left the world a far more dangerous place that was 8 years ago, a closet muslim who always sided (and armed) the muslim Brotherhood.

      By the way, all the above were Democrats.

      * ‘connected’ – The first level in the gangster Mafia hierarchy,


    • If he tears up the global warming treaty, the Iranian nuclear deal, cancels the damaging Israeli arms deal and blocks further muslim immigration he’ll have gone a long way to repairing the damage Obama has inflicted on the world.

      And me being a part of the dangerous world Obama has been instrumental in creating, I think I have an interest in all this, American or not.


        • There are a number of reasons:
          1. INCOMPETENCE
          2. The system only has a reply facility for a limited number of replies before you run out, or the column width becomes ridiculously narrow.
          3. If you hit the reply button to a comment as the top of a thread of replies, it seems that the replies are queued with the first response at the top.

          Do let me know if I can be of any further assistance and I will drop whatever I am doing and rush to your aid. You always ask sooo nicely.


      • Dear Badger.

        Ah, well with regard to blocking further Muslim immigration, it would appear that you may well be disappointed. According to the Independent this item has mysteriously disappeared from his website. He’s now a politician, and appears to be cleaning up his act!

        I find this rather encouraging but I fear you may disagree.

        Edit: You see what I mean, this comment is not directly beneath the one to which I was responding?


  2. Thanks for that Charles — you are right it was always up to the people of the USAand the world has not ended with a Trump victory. I hang my faith on the Constitution of the Republic, which I hope will be safer in Republican hands than those of progressive Democrats.

    Regarding NATO — the EU to my mind has always intended to replace it with a pan EU force.


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