Advanced Democray in Aciton!


After right wing’s number one journalist 72 year-old Nazli Ilicak’s arresting, she is also Turkey’s one of the greatest women journalists in the whole history of Turkey, now Erdogan turns to left wingers anti-Tayyiban journalists and Nazli Ilicak once upon a time among to supporters of Erdogan, but Cumhuriyet’s arrested journalists were not.

Cumhuriyet is the oldest secular daily of Turkey which was founded in 1923 at the request of Ataturk and named as ‘Cumhuriyet = Republic’ by Ataturk.

Over the last twenty years, due to their Kemalist political stance Cumhuriyet journalists Ugur Mumcu and Ahmet Taner Kişlali assasinated and today Erdogan’s court rules to arrest nine of Cumhuriyet journalists, included Turkey’s one of the most famous cartoonists Musa Kart and IPI Executive Board Member and Head of IPI Turkey Committee Kadri Gursel.

Yesterday, the EU was protesting Erdogan; “don’t touch pkk supporter deputies” but today they are in a deep silence, actually they have never protest Erdogan for arresting his disagrees, if they are Kemalist Turks, even the EU was one of supporters of Erdogan during the so-called Ergenekon & Sledgehammer cases against Turkish military officers.


5 thoughts on “Advanced Democray in Aciton!

  1. Hello Metin, It appears Erdogan is able to do just about anything he sets his mind to. No one else should be pointing fingers since our governments do the same things just a little more gently. I hope you are having a great weekend. We have one more day of what we call “Indian Summer” which is an unusually warm day for this time of year.

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