The bad news is?

The court ruling on Brexit.  It will be interesting to see how the government responds and how it’s handled.  I feel pretty cross that some aggrieved individual can upset the apple cart.  What are your views?


9 thoughts on “The bad news is?

  1. Major disaster and legal muddle which frankly might well delay Brexit. It’s not just one aggrieved individual, Rosie but it is certainly at the moment a serious challenge to what the government can or cannot do and the validity of the referendum result.


    • She wasn’t even born in Britain and being black she’ll have a chip on her shoulder.

      Whet the hell is she doing messing with the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish voters’ wishes. Who is funding her? Without the first and second generation immigrant votes we Brexiteers would have got over 20 million votes. These people aren’t proper British any more than Obama is a proper American.

      Could she tell me the dates of Magna Carta, our Bill of Rights and the Second Boer War? Her knowledge of England barely goes back to the last days of Thatcher. Our heritage means nothing to her.


  2. As I posted on FB:

    Philip Collins ✔@PCollinsTimes
    Theresa May should calmly say “OK, no drama, we’ll have a vote on article 50”. Hold it and dare MPs to vote against. It would pass.
    10:24 AM – 3 Nov 2016
    178 178 likes

    Not everyone on FB agreed with me when I posted, but it would be a brave MP in a House not noted for it’s courage, who would go against the wishes of his constituents.

    Must check to see how the market has reacted to this legal inanity.


  3. Having read the judgement, it is one monumental blunder, and the verdict is correct. The government made some colossal errors. I would be most interested to read Charles’ opinion on this.


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