Ancient city Troy is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world with its 4,000 years of history. In 1826, Scottish journalist and geologist Charles Maclaren was the first one who argued that Hisarlik Hill was as a possible site of Homeric Troy, but in 1868 German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann met with British amateur archaeologist and expatriate Frank Calvert who convinced Schliemann that Troy wasn’t an epic story but an actual city at the Hisarlik Hill, both Schliemann and Calvert followed the geographical clues in Homer’s the Iliad and the Odyssey and Schliemann undertook the first excavations at the site in 1870 at the Hisarlik Hill, and discovered the series of layers of the city dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman period. So far 24 excavation campaigns have been launched at the site. he excavated the hill and discovered the ruins of a series of ancient cities dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman period.

On the 30st of May 1873, Schliemann found the precious treasure what he called “Priam’s Treasure”, because in the Iliad, Priam was the king of Troy during the war, Schliemann thought that Priam should have hidden his treasure to avoid its capture by the Greeks.
Another German archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld first believed that Schliemann found the treasure at the Troy VI or VII-a because it was the city of Homer’s epic, but later excavations showed that King Priam’s Treasure was found in the Troy II (2500 – 2200 BC), that of the Early Bronze Age, long before Priam’s city of Troy VI or Troy VII-a and Troy II was planned as a city, the most interesting finding that the megaron house with pillars was the first seen in Troy, the the megaron house was considered the most important development of the city

Before the Trojan war, Troy was native Western Anatolian people’s city and there are some coins which written in Luwian but after the war the city became a Greek city, then Roman.

Troy is located at the Hisarlik on the east side of the river Scamander, where the Dardanelles strait join with the Agean Sea, Canakkale Province in Turkey.



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