Miners Strike.

Amanda Rudd announces there will be NO inquiry into the Miners  strike.


Quite  right too, who can remember details from 1983/4?   I wasn’t actually there but I was involved with the WVS in preparing food for the police when they arrived back at the barracks in the evening.  We could hold enquiries into many things that happened in the past, there come a time time when it has to stop.


17 thoughts on “Miners Strike.

  1. Orgreave was only two or three years before Hillsborough and it was the same lying police force, the South Yorkshire, who were then proved to be totally corrupt. I can’t see them changing from a decent honest force into the cess pit they had become (and still are) only a very few years later.

    Another miserable cock-up by Amber Rudderless. She should be fired pretty damn quick.

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